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  1. Helpful Reference Threads
    Hello, this is my first time using this forum site, so please bare with me if l'm a newbie at this stuff. I have stumbled across this trench coat from Burberry online the seller said it was an unwanted present for father's day. But l do not want to purchase a fake so l was wondering if some can...
  2. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I bought this trench without thinking about it. I received it in the mail and I don't think its real. Please help. Authentic Burberry London Women 039 s Trench Coat Sz Small | eBay
  3. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hi Folks, Recently got my fathers Burberry's trench coat after he passed. I am trying to see if it is authentic. Perhaps you can help? I have read a number of articles about it and I have come away with the impression that perhaps it is not real. I have posted some pictures and hope you can tell...
  4. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I found this coat today at the thrift and got it to sell, however when I got it home I noticed that the pocket size tag looked like a standard size tag instead of the Name/Order white tags in the authentic ones. It also has this detachable wool collar I haven't seen on others. I figured it might...
  5. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hi everyone, I just got a trench off eBay. The seller said it's an authentic Burberry 19 Men's Trench that he bought in 2010, but now that I actually have it, I'm not convinced that it's authentic -- for one thing it doesn't have the Burberry pattern anywhere on the coat (I expected it under...
1-5 of 5 Results