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  1. True Religion Jeans
    I just purchased this pair of jeans on Ebay: True Religion Jeans Denim Julie Super T Size 25 | eBay. I won at a great price and they look pretty authentic to me, but the tag looks 'off' as compared to a pair I have in the exact same style (see attachments). There seems to be only one tag...
  2. Sizes 23-26
    TRUE RELIGION JOEY SUPER T MIDNIGHT STITCH IN DARK SAVANNAH SIZE 26 This pair of jeans is in excellent used condition! No stains, no pulled threads. Please contact me with any questions. Measurements are with the jeans layed flat. Waist aligned - 13.5 Rise - 6.5 Hip - 16.5 Inseam - 33 original...
  3. Sizes 23-26
    1. **SOLD** Johnny Super Ts in Dark Drifter with brown multi stitching, size 25 **SOLD** Description: These are really nice hard to find Johnny supers with gorgeous brown super T threading. Tag size is 25 but they stretch and could fit a 26 as well. Johnny is a low rise, straight leg cut by...
  4. True Religion Jeans
    Please check if these are authentic. These pics are all took from the same pair.
  5. True Religion Jeans
    Hey, new to true religion, can someone authenticate these trues? sorry the pics arent very good. thanks! much appreciated ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  6. True Religion Jeans
    I want to list these for sale. Want to make sure they are authentic. Thanks! Thank you!! :whistle Jennifer
  7. Sizes 23-26
    True Religion Joey Super T OM Size 25 (Color-Wilcat Med) - $165 Shipped SOLDD Description: 100% authentic True Religion Joey Super T OM jeans. Meticulously decorated by the signature True Religion horseshoe on the small front pocket and back pockets, and by a colorful array of genuine True...
  8. Sizes 23-26
    Excellent used condition beautiful pair of True Religion Joey Turquoise Super T in Berkeley. I got them from a forum member as a trade from a larger size but unfortunately they are still too big :cry They have never been worn by me, just tried on. I would really love to trade them for Joey...
  9. True Religion Jeans
    These are some jeans purchased a couple months ago and I suspect that they may be fakes, but I'm not an expert on TR jeans, if they were 7's I would know. Anyway here are the pictures of them, unfortunately my camera does not do close-ups real well. This is the second pair...
  10. True Religion Jeans
    I just bought these on ebay *100% AUTH TRUE RELIGION BILLY SUPER T JEANS 34 / 34 * on (item 270616387561 end time 06-Aug-10 23:08:55 EDT) billy super t . They seem to look real and everything looks like it checks out to me but I'm not really sure? Can anybody verify if these are infact...
1-12 of 21 Results