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  1. Dry Denim
    Do any of you know and would not mind sharing any ebay sellers that sell authentic men nudie jeans? Or any other jeans
  2. Helpful Reference Threads
    Hi, so I recently ran into some issues with a seller on ebay. I bought a pair of jeans from her, however the package lost while on its way. I asked the seller to file a claim with the postal services, and a few weeks later they located the package and sent it back to the seller. I asked her to...
  3. Diesel Jeans
    hello all: i was searching for a pair of viker jeans and i ran into this website: true religion jeans,laguna beach jeans,diesel jeans,seven jeans,7 jeans,! it seems that it is offering a lot of diesel jeans at very low prices. I am skeptical about the authenticity of the what they sell. Does...
  4. Dry Denim
    Hi i've seen the ebay seller: house_of_trends sell some pretty nice PRPS denim for low price..The items look authentic, however some feedbacks say that the items were fake but looked very authentic.
1-4 of 4 Results