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  1. True Religion Jeans
    just bought a pair of TR at marshalls section is ricky big T seat 34 size 32 the reason im questioning is because the pair is not on the offical true religion website pllease help! thanks! on the side note i heard if you pick up a pair of big T's at marshalls it's a pretty good deal?
  2. True Religion Jeans
    first time posting Got these at a used clothes place. I won't be able to sleep right til I know if they're real. The quality seems to be great but..I cant find the style anywhere online that seems legit. I think they're Ricky BigT/SuperT. The tags don't look exactly like my real ones but seem...
  3. True Religion Jeans
    Can someone identify the year these Ricky Big Ts were made? I'm looking forward to buying these but I don't want to buy a really old pair at the same time :rofl If someone could help that would be great. JEANS on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
1-3 of 4 Results