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  1. Dry Denim
    I recently brought a pair of True Religions from a thrift store...I'm not sure if their real of fake and this is my first time buying a pair. anono234's Pictures, Photos & Images | Photobucket
  2. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    They are used but perhaps they are an older version? Seems like nice quality MORE PHOTOS imgur: the simple image sharer Thank you
  3. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I bought this hoody from www. rebel - clothing. co .uk this is 1 of 2 posts to this forum. the other has a Tshirt afflistion fake again. They came from Germany in very dirty bags. The packaging had obviously been opened many times before me. Im just a bit gutted as I really dont think that...
  4. Louis Vuitton
    I bought a bag of purses at a yard sell and this was one of them. I do not know if it is real or fake. Could someone please help me....I'm having a hard time adding a picture of the bag....I'm on my IPAD can some tell me how I can add a picture please...I really would like to know if this us...
  5. Louis Vuitton
    Does anyone know if LV ever made or makes these jackets? I know they do make them graphite colored but how about this color? I know the one linked is probably a fake but I plan on looking for an authentic one if they exist but I don't want to be looking for something not made lol Thanks edit...
  6. General Discussion
    A video for the newest rolex watch to come out later this year. New Rolex 2013 - YouTube
  7. Citizens of Humanity Jeans
    Hello all, First post! I do not typically buy COH so I am in no way in the know on these jeans at all. What I have seen is most of the time the back pockets seem to have a unique design (could be totally wrong) Anyways, I found a pair on ebay and purchased but I am a bit weary now. Link...
  8. True Religion Jeans
    Not sure if these are for girls of guys
  9. Louis Vuitton
    Hello everyone, I did some searching and found this belt on ebay, may you help me out in checking its authenticity, thank you everyone! I am no expert on LV belts but in my opinion everything looks ok other than the PARIS letters, if you look at the image on LV website it appears that the "AR"...
  10. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    I was gifted a Chanel purse by my boyfriend for Xmas, however I'm a Chanel first-timer so I'm very doubtful and paranoid.
  11. True Religion Jeans
    I got this pair, Joey Super T's. Let me know if this is fake or not. Inner pocket Back Front Tag...
  12. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Please help me figure out if these Balmain jeans are real, Thanks! NWT BALMAIN MULTI ZIPPERS GRAY BIKER JEANS Sz 31 | eBay
  13. Fashion Beyond Denim - Complete Outfitting
    Please help me figure out if these are real, thanks! NWT BALMAIN MULTI ZIPPERS GRAY BIKER JEANS Sz 31 | eBay
  14. Diesel Jeans
    Hey, can you help me? Check this page out - > Tell me if they are real. What do you think? I bought two Diesel jeans and I want to know if they are real or fake. I'm sorry if you don't understand me, I don't...
  15. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    my friend gave me this for free since he bought a new one, hes tellling me its real? how do iknow that? Auth check please anyone? here are the pics...
  16. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hello everyone! I bought this coat on ebay and would like some help to authentcate it, please help! Item name: Burberry Short Mac Item number: 110846397529 Seller ID: canham1960 Link: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Additional pics I've taken of the coat after I received it...
  17. Seven for All Mankind Jeans
    Hi, I bought these jeans at a goodwill yesterday. pretty sure there fake but they were really cheap. just wanted a second opinion. thanks.
  18. True Religion Jeans
    I am looking at purchasing 3 pair of true religion jeans. I don't much about them and I have no clue if these are legit or not! If you do know which ones are real and which ones are fake, please state them specifically! Thank you so much!
  19. Seven for All Mankind Jeans
    looking to buy these today. Just want to make sure they are genuine. thanks!
1-19 of 26 Results