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  1. General Discussion
    Hi there, We’re a couple of guys starting a made-to-order jeans company. We’re using the best quality selvedge denim from American and Japanese mills. Customers will use our web constructor to design and customize their own jeans, and we’ll drop ship all for less than $100. What do you think...
  2. Dry Denim
    Crosspost from sales section Self Edge is Denim :thumbsup
  3. Sizes 28-30
    Description and Photos: True Religion Billy tag size 28 Waist Unaligned: 15" Waist Aligned: 16" Front Rise: 10" Back Rise: 13" Inseam: 29" Outseam: 39" Leg Opening Flat: 8.5" Price: $85 Shipped Reasonable offers considered. Like new. I'm the first owner, but these were tailored shorter than...
  4. Dry Denim
    I have a pair of g-star jeans (I think raw denim, they say 3DRaw).. they're suppose to be tapered fit, but they're kind of baggy on me. I was wondering if I wash them, and dry, would they shrink, or are they pre shrunk? I'm debating on whether or not I should return them, or try to dry and...
  5. Dry Denim
    i wear a 32 (waist) in rock republic and 7fam what size should i get in naked and famous weird guys? also any opinions on my choices? this is my 1st raw denim note: im 16 and still growing so im think stay tts (32) which has a little room or go to a 33 which i can low ride a bit? NAKED &...
  6. Sizes 27-29
    I'm cleaning out my closet! I'm open to reasonable offers :thumbsup SOLD! Citizens of Humanity high rise jeans in size 28. I'm not sure of the official cut or wash name. They are preowned but do not show any major signs of wear. They may fit a 29 better as they run a little large. They...
  7. Dry Denim
    what do you guys thing about "raw denim" from brands like guess, calvin klein... has anyone tried any of this stuff? is it actually raw or is it just with no predistressing i know its obviously not on par with flathead/ sugarcane/etc. here are some pics... Skinny Magnesium Jean - Skinny -...
  8. Sizes 28-30
    1) Item is in stock, ready to ship 2) 110% money back authenticity guarantee 3) Accept PayPal with Credit Card 4) ebay seller id: djence These APC's have been worn about 20 times. You can see from the photos that the real wear hasn't even set in, so there's plenty of time/indigo left for...
  9. Dry Denim
    ok so i really like the look of dry denim (new and aged) but a lot of people say to wear the same jeans every day. is this weird. that seems kind of weird and when people notice that you wear the same jeans every day they will prob be thinking wtf... is this akward. wearing them like 3 times a...
  10. Dry Denim
    if i buy a pair of levis stf's at my actual size and wear them like that for a while(without washing, leaving them raw) and then when the time comes for them to be washed just wash them cold by hand will this shrink them? i dont want to have weird awkward fades. oh, and if you dont plan on...
  11. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
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  12. Dry Denim
    Hi i've seen the ebay seller: house_of_trends sell some pretty nice PRPS denim for low price..The items look authentic, however some feedbacks say that the items were fake but looked very authentic.
1-13 of 13 Results