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  1. Dry Denim
    I am interested in purchasing these Nudie Organic Jeans. I please need help verifying if these are authentic.
  2. Dry Denim
    I was interested in purchasing these Nudie Thin Finn jeans in black organic denim and wanted to find out if they are authentic.
  3. Dry Denim
    Please help me authenticate this pair. :)
  4. Dry Denim
    Do any of you know and would not mind sharing any ebay sellers that sell authentic men nudie jeans? Or any other jeans
  5. Helpful Reference Threads
    Yea Like the Title said i think Your Guys are Missing one of the fast growing Jeans ..Nudies Are Starting or already are popular Jeans ..but yea my two cents
  6. Dry Denim
    reecntly purchased jeans them seemed good at first then it started to get a little fishy... not so confident in them. GOOD: the inside of the buttons does say nudie jean co. on it but the pictures do not show this sorry, The inside pockett stitching is square. FISHY: The patch on the back is a...
  7. Dry Denim
    anyone can tell is iths original or fake nudie jeans?
  8. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    i have a pair of trues ive worn once im trying to trade for prps. contact me for pics
  9. Sizes 31-33
    A.P.C. New Cure H (31) $110 Shipped to USA Great condition Never washed/soaked Hardly any fading has begun Size 31 Approx. Measurements Inseam - 34"-35" Thighs - 9.5" Hips - 20.5" Waist w/ dip - 16" Aligned - 16.75" Leg Opening - 7.5"
1-9 of 11 Results