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  1. Dry Denim
    i wear a 32 (waist) in rock republic and 7fam what size should i get in naked and famous weird guys? also any opinions on my choices? this is my 1st raw denim note: im 16 and still growing so im think stay tts (32) which has a little room or go to a 33 which i can low ride a bit? NAKED &...
  2. Dry Denim
    ok so i saw these green selvedge jeans on ebay NAKED & FAMOUS New $177 Green Selvage Denim Jeans 30 on (item 360295613044 end time 29-Sep-10 17:00:12 EDT) Just wondering if anybody had ever owned this colour/type of denim. and if its a good choice for a first pair of raw denim. Thanks :)
1-2 of 3 Results