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  1. Louis Vuitton
    I bought the following LV jacket in a thrift store I want to confirm its authenticity. Images attached. The space for doubt is due to the wash care tag looks really weird (wrong spellings and all)
  2. Louis Vuitton
    Hello, I'm not really educated in this topic, I got this bag from family member and I have no idea if it is fake. Please tell me if you know.
  3. Louis Vuitton
    Hi guys, apologies to bother you all. Wondering if I could get a second opinion on this please if possible. Link to images below, thanks
  4. Louis Vuitton
    Hi everyone, I’m about to buy a Hampstead bag MM but I’m not sure yet if it’s real or fake thank you in advance!
  5. Louis Vuitton
    I've spent countless hours researching and cannot come to a conclusion whether this Louis Vuitton Duffle or Keepall is real or fake. I acquired it in a storage unit purchase and if it's real I want to get the stitching repaired, but if not I definitely don't want to put any money into it. I know...
  6. Fashion Beyond Denim - Complete Outfitting
    Hi everyone, Following the death of my grandparents, we received from them this Louis Vuitton steamer bag. As you can see, time had effects on the bag. So my questions are about : The price of the item in good condition? The price in the current condition ? Thanks loads. Mathieu
  7. Louis Vuitton
    Hi guys, I have found a LV bag in my mom closet. I was looking for similar one but couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m absolutely not an expert but maybe you can recognize the model? It is possible that it is a fake?
  8. Louis Vuitton
    Looking to confirm this Alma is authentic!
  9. Louis Vuitton
    I received this wallet from my boss and I have no need for it but I’m not sure if it’s real because the date code says 60223 ?
  10. Louis Vuitton
    Is this belt real? It says made in france (code CT3191 ) It does not feel like real leather but everything else is authentic it feels almost plastic, or is that what they are supposed to feel like? Imgur: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Thank you:):)
  11. Louis Vuitton
    Hey guys please help me find out if this is authentic or not. The guy i bought it from claims it is 100% authentic and had plenty of references. But, I am just wondering so I am safe and feel confident haha.
  12. Louis Vuitton
    I received this bag as a gift a few years ago and wanted to double check its authenticity as I was thinking of maybe selling it. I could not find a date code but the quality of the bag seems to be pretty good. Please let me know what you think.
  13. Louis Vuitton
    I have recently been gifted a variety of vintage Louis Vuitton bags. I am unsure whether they are real or fake as most do not have date codes. The lining of this one is of poor quality and the stamp's stitching is questionable. I would really appreciate your help in verifying whether it is real...
  14. Louis Vuitton
    Hello. We've been cleaning out our belongings and my girlfriend found this backpack seemingly by Louis Vuitton. However, I've never seen this model or shape, and I've spent probably an hour looking for similar results, so I've come here. Is this familiar? Is it real? Edit: Forgot the pictures:
  15. Louis Vuitton
    I bought this for $130 used on eBay. Owner said it was 2 years old. I weeded out some fake ones on eBay, and what I noticed is that those sellers would misspell words & use incorrect grammar. This seller was very friendly, formatted & spelled correctly, and I have even been texting them (even...
  16. Louis Vuitton
    Was concerned about its authenticity because of the price: Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 | eBay Thank you in advance
  17. Louis Vuitton
    Few pics below, Need help checking this out: if images dont show up right click and open in new tab and it will appear.
  18. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I'm not even sure if they make T-shirts, but I got given this shirt as a gift and never really thought twice about the authenticity because I liked it. But now I need to know if it is authentic and how much it might have cost to buy so I can submit an insurance claim. Any assistance is greatly...
  19. Louis Vuitton
    Hi, Sorry if i do this incorrectly but i have just purchased my first ever Louis Vuitton :love. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The bag is not in my possession yet but i can post better photos when i receive it. Is this genuine? Claire
  20. Louis Vuitton
    Hi! I purchased this suitcase used online, but after carrying it once - I noticed the strap in the hardware changed. On the interior strap which is supposed to secure the contents - the gold appears to be flaking off and the hardware rusting? Is this fake?
1-20 of 112 Results