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  1. Louis Vuitton
    Can someone help me verify if it's real coz I honestly can't tell 😭 thanks heaps
  2. Louis Vuitton
    Hi everyone, I’m about to buy a Hampstead bag MM but I’m not sure yet if it’s real or fake thank you in advance!
  3. Louis Vuitton
    I've spent countless hours researching and cannot come to a conclusion whether this Louis Vuitton Duffle or Keepall is real or fake. I acquired it in a storage unit purchase and if it's real I want to get the stitching repaired, but if not I definitely don't want to put any money into it. I know...
  4. Fashion Beyond Denim - Complete Outfitting
    Hi everyone, Following the death of my grandparents, we received from them this Louis Vuitton steamer bag. As you can see, time had effects on the bag. So my questions are about : The price of the item in good condition? The price in the current condition ? Thanks loads. Mathieu
  5. Louis Vuitton
    Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone knew if Louis Vuitton had any bags made with a smaller version of the monogram in the microfiber lining? I found what looks like an authentic bag from an estate sale. I only paid 4 dollars for the bag, so I have no idea if it's authentic.. just...
  6. Louis Vuitton
    AUTH LOUIS VUITTON VIVA CITE PM CROSS BODY SHOULDER BAG MONOGRAM M51165 M12043 It is a Louis Vuitton Viva Cite PM. This seller has been suggested by many youtubers but I am just making sure as this bag is an old bag
  7. Louis Vuitton
    I have recently been gifted a variety of vintage Louis Vuitton bags. I am unsure whether they are real or fake as most do not have date codes. The lining of this one is of poor quality and the stamp's stitching is questionable. I would really appreciate your help in verifying whether it is real...
  8. Helpful Reference Threads
    I was given this bag and wanted to see if it's a real Louis Vuitton bag or not? Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks :)
  9. Louis Vuitton
    Hey guys im new to this forum i tried my best to verify these bags.. and everything seems to side with being authentic. but i just want your help so i dont look like a moron when i post it on eBay. I appreciate all input on this.
  10. Louis Vuitton
    Hello everyone, It's my 1st post here ! I received today a bag. Clearly, it's a used bag. But, I can't figure out if it's an authentic one or not. I can either know which modele is ( If this modele exists or not). Can I have some help, please :twitch ?
  11. Louis Vuitton
    Hey guys! I am sort of new here, and I just got the information about this forum from my colleagues. Up until now I have always purchased LV bag at its official stores at my country. However, a few days ago my colleague from abroad gave me a gift of an LV Messenger Bag. He told me that this was...
  12. Louis Vuitton
    Hi everyone, I am new here. I need your help because I want to buy my first LV bag Neverfull Diamer Azzur PM. I found one at the local page such as ebay . New one in the LV store cost 930$ , the one at the auction cost 700. I am very afraid to buy and find out it's fake. Please if you have some...
  13. Louis Vuitton
    So, my friend sends me these pictures of her potential new bag... She's asking if she should buy it... I have a LV monogram Tivoli and because of this, she thinks I'm an expert on LV bags.. which I am NOT. Thank you :)
  14. Louis Vuitton
    Please help a husband buy his wife an authentic LV purse! LOUIS VUITTON 100% AUTHENTIC AZUR DAMIER SPEEDY 25 HANDBAG WITH BOX | eBay
  15. Louis Vuitton
    Good day sissies!!! pls. help me know the authenticity of this bag that i'm planning to buy. Really don't have any idea onjhow to identify. TY so much in advance for your help and opinion. God bless all. link: AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON DEAUVILLE TOTE BAG -ITEM IN CEBU CITY - Philippines - 3856689
  16. Louis Vuitton
    hi guys, i'm new please could you tell me if this bag is new. i think it's not but could be wrong. please see ebay link. i decided not to bid because i thought it wasn't real but the seller messaged me asking if i wanted to buy it because of a time waster. i'm not an expert and would...
1-16 of 17 Results