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  1. Rock and Republic Jeans
    So I gave in and bought a pair of jeans on ebay, which I really shouldn't have especially when the seller seemed to have '50 pairs left' from their Miami Boutique, that should've been an automatically flag, but I gave in. I just received the jeans, and I'm having a hard time determining if they...
  2. Rock and Republic Jeans
    Hello again! :) I would appreciate anyone's help with respect to the authenticity of either pair of these R&R jeans. Thanks so much!!
  3. Rock and Republic Jeans
    ROCK & REPUBLIC KASSANDRA JEANS SIZE 25 - eBay (item 270599238610 end time Jul-06-10 19:11:01 PDT) $220 NEW ROCK AND REPUBLIC JEANS KASANDRA INCENTIVE 25 - eBay (item 380247084259 end time Jul-29-10 12:56:14 PDT) Thank you!
1-3 of 4 Results