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  1. Women's Guide
    What does the style# and cut# on these jeans mean? I've been trying to figure this out in order to track down a similar pair since mine have been patched more times than seems possible. The label info doesn't correspond to any of the style guides I've found her on Authentic Forum or anywhere...
  2. True Religion Jeans
    Men's True Religion Jeans 33x33" Rainbow Joey Retail $289 No Reserve | eBay Can anyone please tell me if these are authentic? Thanks
  3. True Religion Jeans
    my mom go it for my birthday and i feel bad i think its fake :( its a joey super t. back of jacket- back tag- inner mini tag- inner tag- horseshoe- tag it...
  4. True Religion Jeans
    Could you help me with the sizing of True Religion Joey Cut Off Shorts? I'm about to order online and I can not try them on at a store. I'm 5'6" and 112lbs. Hips 36". I wear size 27 in Diesel. The question is should I order 26 or 27? Thanks!
  5. Sizes 23-26
    Good used condition due to fading of the wash, but otherwise I would call these EUC. These jeans are rigid so they run small and best fit a size 25. Excellent job on the fold hemming of these jeans. They can be let out to full length if desired. Old Multi stitching getting harder to come by...
  6. True Religion Jeans
    I apologize if this post is in any way incorrect- I am new at this. I tried to find my answer first by browsing through previous threads and while I did find lots of helpful information I did not find an answer to my question. I have a pair of True Religion jeans that I believe are an old style...
  7. Sizes 23-26
    1. **SOLD** Johnny Super Ts in Dark Drifter with brown multi stitching, size 25 **SOLD** Description: These are really nice hard to find Johnny supers with gorgeous brown super T threading. Tag size is 25 but they stretch and could fit a 26 as well. Johnny is a low rise, straight leg cut by...
  8. Sizes 23-26
    EUC True Religion Joey Rainbows in size 25 waist aligned: 14 1/2 inches waist w/ dip: 14 inches rise: 7 inches inseam 32 inches I bought these on AF used but have never worn them since I bought it. These were hemmed before, please look at measurements. Asking: $100 CAD shipped in Canada...
  9. True Religion Jeans
    This is my first time buying TR jeans and there were a couple things that indicated they might be fake, can someone help me verify that they are authentic before I buy them? I won the auction so I don't have a lot of time! Thanks!! This is the link on ebay: TRUE RELIGION JOEY TWISTED SEAM...
  10. True Religion Jeans
    Please let me know if these are real. Thanks! Thank you!! :headspin
  11. Sizes 23-26
    DLS Disco Joey Sz 23 RUNS BIG Simply AMAZING wash. This pair is an older run so it is very dark even though they've been washed. I've replaced them w/ newer Beckys and it doesn't even compare. Not as bleached out as they appear in photos. The crystals POP and every time I wear them someone says...
  12. True Religion Jeans
    I want to list these for sale. Want to make sure they are authentic. Thanks! Thank you!! :whistle Jennifer
1-20 of 35 Results