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  1. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hello, I’ve been trying to find a guide online on how to check authenticity on a pair of Ed hardy jeans. I’ve found these that I’ve just bought and wanted to know if anyone can help me out on checking authenticity and give me some details on the signs to show they’re fake/ real? Thanks...
  2. Seven for All Mankind Jeans
    Hi. I have question, I bought those two pairs of 7fam jeans. I know they are genuine, and please do not argue with that. I just want to ask if somebody have an info, about back of rivets. I read this old guide on authentic forum and they said that authentic pair should never have blackened...
  3. Diesel Jeans
    Hi. Looking for some advice. I'm looking at a few pairs of JoggJeans and you can only choose the waist size and not the length size. Could people who have a pair tell me the length size because I tweeted Diesel and they said JoggJeans could be between 30-32". I'm a 28 and a 30 would be okay but...
  4. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hello, Not really familiar with the brand, so I was hoping to get some answers here. Are the jeans this person is selling authentic? vkbrands2013 on eBay
  5. General Discussion
    Found these Womens True Religions at the Salvation Army please confirm these are fake. Horrible shape anyways wasn't gonna buy, but these are very easy to determine fakes.
  6. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Can Someone take a look at these photos and let me know if these PRPS boyfriend jeans are authentic?
  7. True Religion Jeans
    They look good , but some stitching is off if you guys see something off let me know please and thanks a ton ! True Religion Authentic World Tour Jeans Section Ricky Super Qt Seat 32 | eBay
  8. Dry Denim
    I recently brought a pair of True Religions from a thrift store...I'm not sure if their real of fake and this is my first time buying a pair. anono234's Pictures, Photos & Images | Photobucket
  9. Diesel Jeans
    I'm highly recommending a good seller on eBay for Diesel & Vivienne Westwood Jeans Hi, I am an new member on Authentict Forum. Glad to be aboard. I am 53 years old, male and wear high end jeans all day every day for the most part. I have had very good experiences on eBay which may surprise a...
  10. Diesel Jeans
    Know how much you love the ZAF 796 just posted a pair up on facebook!
  11. Diesel Jeans
    Hello, I am novice here, becouse i just now found your nice forum. I wanna take this Diesel Jeans, but i don't know this is real or fake. In photo looks very bad - Diesel LIV RN 93243 CA 25594 Please look at my photos and say, this is original or fake. Thank you. And have a nice day...
  12. General Discussion
    Hi! I'm curious about what people's biggest pain points are when buying jeans. Is it fit, price, selection, color, etc? My friend complains that jeans are always too short for her because she's so tall. I always complain that jeans that fit me at the waist are too tight in the butt. I'm...
  13. Sizes 23-26
    Don't fit these anymore. Trying to purge my closet to pay off nursing school loans :ashamed Still in very good condition. Little bit of philling in butt area but only noticeable upon close inspection.
  14. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hudson Jeans 26 Womens | eBay Hudson Jeans Size 27 Slim Fit Soft Button Flap Pocket | eBay
  15. General Discussion
    Hi, Plz tell me which jeans is best for me ? Plz tell me and my budget is 4k.
  16. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    So i got no answer in this forum about auth, but i got some answers on another way. Check!
  17. Helpful Reference Threads
    Yea Like the Title said i think Your Guys are Missing one of the fast growing Jeans ..Nudies Are Starting or already are popular Jeans ..but yea my two cents
1-20 of 373 Results