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  1. True Religion Jeans
    TRUE RELIGION IRREGULAR DESTROYED SUPER T JEANS / 3 NEWBIE ?’S 1). REAL OR FAKE? 2). WHAT’S THE STYLE NAME? 3). ARE THESE WORTH SELLING? RN#112790 CA#30427 ST#=M242016E7 CUT#=TRM1418 PO#55110 Large coin pocket. No Buddha on inner pocket lining OR on any tag or patch on these jeans. Does have...
  2. Seven for All Mankind Jeans
    I purchased this pair of sevens off ebay as I could tell they looked 99% authentic based on the pictures and the users feedback and such. The seller had not so great info or photos on the jeans so I got them for a good deal, but there is just something not right with the fit of these and a...
1-2 of 2 Results