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  1. True Religion Jeans
    Hello, this is the HOODIE i purchased. The wierd thing is that it says MADE IN TURKEY on the inside. I personally dont have a clue if this hoodie is real or not because i have never seen it on any other websites (including the official TRBJ website). Hope any of you guys could help, because if...
  2. True Religion Jeans
    Hi. I purchased a used men's True Religion hoodie off Ebay for £72. I would like some help to identify if it is real or fake please so i can return it if fake. The seller sent me a photo of the receipt where it was bough in Selfridges in Manchester, but hasn't sent the actual receipt with the...
  3. Louis Vuitton
    Does anyone know if LV ever made or makes these jackets? I know they do make them graphite colored but how about this color? I know the one linked is probably a fake but I plan on looking for an authentic one if they exist but I don't want to be looking for something not made lol Thanks edit...
  4. Diesel Jeans
    Hey all, Thanks in advance for any help. This is a little bit of a hard one. Need to replace a Diesel sweater/hoodie I accidentally ruined belonging to a friend a while back (his favourite of course). Now here's the hard part, it was purchased years ago (2002 I believe) at holt renfrew in...
  5. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hi, can you please tell me if this is a real Ed Hardy hoodie or a fake one. btw this was a gift from a relative. Thanks everyone. here are my pics: Flickr: mirandahello's Photostream
  6. Mens Shirts & Outerwear
    Description: Up for sale a Black Diesel Jumasce Hoodie, size Large. Black hoodie with fake yellowish fur lining the inside. Zippered front and zippers on the front forearms of each arm. This hoodie is SUPER warm. Condition: This hoodie is in used but EXCELLENT condition. No holes, tears...
  7. Mens Diesel Guide
  8. Rules, Suggestions, Helpful Reference Threads
    Hi i have a dussault hoodie that i bought and i just want to make sure it is real,i know that dussault has not been faked yet but who knows..everything looks legit but the only thing that throws me off is the inside tag it says made in china on the back side so i need your guys help THX!! PICS...
  9. True Religion Jeans
    Do authentic TR jackets have, the letters 'trbj' (lower case) inside a rectangle, stitched on the hood? Thanks guyys
  10. Womens Tops & Outerwear
    Two awesome t-shirts that I forgot I had. Obviously I will not wear them if I forgot about them for this long. True Religion Hooded T-shirt XS $35 Retail $82.50 Red, short sleeve t-shirt with intentional ombre fading on the hood. Flattering shade of red (not too bright) that looks great with...
1-19 of 20 Results