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  1. General Discussion
    Got a Gucci belt today but I'm not entirely sure as the authenticity of said accessory. Serial number is 21202 0959 80 32
  2. JUICY COUTURE and Other Accessories Brands
    I purchased this belt from the real real but i am wondering if it is authentic or not. please let me know. It is a womens belt and the serial is 114876 493949
  3. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    Hey, I have a Gucci Imprime belt I would like to authenticate. To me it looks okay but I'd like the experts opinion. Can I please get some help? I hate not knowing for sure if something I bought is authentic or not. If it is fake I can file a claim on Paypal and get my money back. Your help is...
  4. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    I recently found this belt on eBay. It seems to be constructed well (no obvious flaws like loose threads or unevenness). Some of my concerns are the box, the color of the belt, which seems to be much darker than the navy version I've seen on the Gucci website, and the serial, which I really...
  5. JUICY COUTURE and Other Accessories Brands
    these are pics from a ebay seller claiming to be new gucci belts. any input would be appreciated!
1-5 of 5 Results