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  1. General Discussion
    Found these Womens True Religions at the Salvation Army please confirm these are fake. Horrible shape anyways wasn't gonna buy, but these are very easy to determine fakes.
  2. Citizens of Humanity Jeans
    I was considering these Phoebes since I haven't seen them before and they look lovely, but I was looking at the photos larger on my laptop and saw that the back outside Citizens tag is UPSIDE DOWN. What the hell? Has anyone ever seen a mistake like this...
  3. General Discussion
    Thought I'd post this question to get an idea how Ebay has dealt with previous counterfeit claims. I've reported 2 sellers who imo were selling knockoffs in large quantities. Ebay has done nothing about my claims. Both selleres used the "bait and switch" listing jeans as another brand and when...
  4. Helpful Reference Threads
    What do you do with a couple pairs of fake designer jeans? Can I,or should I sell them on ebay or elsewhere and describe them as fakes or just give them away:confused:
  5. Rock and Republic Jeans
    Hi, I am unsure if these are real. The seller says he/she bought them from but I couldn't find them on the site. Please help, its my first time using and I could really use the help. Thank you very much :] ROCK & REPUBLIC JEANS NEVER WORE SIZE 28 GOLD CROWN -...
1-5 of 5 Results