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  1. General Discussion
    Someone wants me to sell that jacket. He sent me that pictures. Could u help me iam not sure! :)
  2. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hello! Is This Dsquared2 jacket authentic or not? Kind regards,
  3. Dry Denim
    reecntly purchased jeans them seemed good at first then it started to get a little fishy... not so confident in them. GOOD: the inside of the buttons does say nudie jean co. on it but the pictures do not show this sorry, The inside pockett stitching is square. FISHY: The patch on the back is a...
  4. Citizens of Humanity Jeans
    Wanted to bid on these..... but are they real? They look it to me but I'm not sure... Thanks! Womens Citizens of Humanity Jeans Ava Stretch Skinny 24 - eBay (item 110698164005 end time Jun-11-11 14:03:58 PDT)
  5. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hi, I'm new to authenticating fakes and I was wondering how you can tell if hudson jeans are fake or not. Are there some dead give away? Thanks for helping! :)
  6. True Religion Jeans
    These look really fake, or the style is just weird? lol... True Religion Purple Painted Horseshoe Sz 24 CUTE!! - eBay (item 320712202531 end time Jun-16-11 19:55:25 PDT) True Religon Julies Skinny NWOT Sz 24 $264 - eBay (item 320712199146 end time Jun-16-11 19:41:56 PDT) SUPER CUTE TRUE...
  7. True Religion Jeans
    Hi, Just wondering if these are real or fake, I can never tell if things are real or not.... :/ Thanks! True Religion Brand Daisy Short Distressed Low-rised - eBay (item 320709545822 end time Jun-11-11 16:51:52 PDT) True Religion *Julie Big T* sz 25 - eBay (item 180677680935 end time...
  8. Rock and Republic Jeans
    New 100% Auth."ROCK & REPUBLIC" Men's Jeans Size 28x34" - eBay (item 220722765412 end time Feb-08-11 11:47:27 PST)
1-8 of 9 Results