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  1. True Religion Jeans
    Cruising around eBay today looking at all of the new TR offerings and I found a pair that on first glance, IMO, looked to be authentic limited-edition straight leg Big-Ts. I was going to message the seller for the complete style info, and I noticed on the back of the tag the word "wash" was...
  2. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I had successfully bought authentic siwy jeans on ebay before, but I am pretty sure the latest Siwy Hannah Tainted Love size 26 is not only defective but fake. I'm pretty sure but help me determine if it's fake. Also, I need advice on how to get refunded by the seller or ebay buyer...
  3. Seven for All Mankind Jeans
    Seven 7 for All Mankind A Pocket Dark Denim Jeans Flare Leg Sz 26 | eBay 7 Seven for All Mankind A Pocket Womens Jeans Sz 26 x 32 1 4 | eBay
  4. Helpful Reference Threads
    I'm new to the forum and maybe a little out of line but I still need to warm members about a ebay seller. I'm not going to say much but please check out items being sold by bigappleclothing. I'm sure you'll easilly come to the same conclusion I did. If you do and you've been around for awhile...
  5. True Religion Jeans I think this seller is only important for people from germany, but otherwise you have to see the fakes ! DAMN ! Who bought this crap for 1xx Euros ? :roll Almost 100% positiv feedback... if i would be owner of a brand like TR ...i just try to punish all...
1-5 of 5 Results