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  1. Dry Denim
    reecntly purchased jeans them seemed good at first then it started to get a little fishy... not so confident in them. GOOD: the inside of the buttons does say nudie jean co. on it but the pictures do not show this sorry, The inside pockett stitching is square. FISHY: The patch on the back is a...
  2. Sizes 28-30
    Description and Photos: True Religion Billy tag size 28 Waist Unaligned: 15" Waist Aligned: 16" Front Rise: 10" Back Rise: 13" Inseam: 29" Outseam: 39" Leg Opening Flat: 8.5" Price: $85 Shipped Reasonable offers considered. Like new. I'm the first owner, but these were tailored shorter than...
  3. Sizes 31-33
    A.P.C. New Cure H (31) $110 Shipped to USA Great condition Never washed/soaked Hardly any fading has begun Size 31 Approx. Measurements Inseam - 34"-35" Thighs - 9.5" Hips - 20.5" Waist w/ dip - 16" Aligned - 16.75" Leg Opening - 7.5"
  4. Dry Denim
    what do you guys thing about "raw denim" from brands like guess, calvin klein... has anyone tried any of this stuff? is it actually raw or is it just with no predistressing i know its obviously not on par with flathead/ sugarcane/etc. here are some pics... Skinny Magnesium Jean - Skinny -...
  5. Dry Denim
    ok so i really like the look of dry denim (new and aged) but a lot of people say to wear the same jeans every day. is this weird. that seems kind of weird and when people notice that you wear the same jeans every day they will prob be thinking wtf... is this akward. wearing them like 3 times a...
  6. Dry Denim
    if i buy a pair of levis stf's at my actual size and wear them like that for a while(without washing, leaving them raw) and then when the time comes for them to be washed just wash them cold by hand will this shrink them? i dont want to have weird awkward fades. oh, and if you dont plan on...
1-6 of 7 Results