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  1. Mens Diesel Guide
    Are these legit? I am having a hard time locating where they were made and their model. On the tag I can make out it saying “MOD PHFY CL 34” but that can’t be right. Other than that they look legit. Thanks for anything you can offer.
  2. Diesel Jeans
    Hi all, After setting up a designer clothing venture, a menswear store, we've moved into a predominantly denim market, and mainly Diesel jeans. We can source all kinds of models, washes and sizes, theres far too many to name... It's probably best you head over to our site to check out what...
  3. Online Sales, Coupons & Promo Codes
    Hi all, Just a little about Designer Man. It's a venture i've been part of setting up, it's a discount designer clothes site, focussed on menswear only unfortunately for the designer woman out there! Dealing predominantly in past-season wears, we're able to offer some great discounts on...
  4. Diesel Jeans
    Hello, I need again, your time. Can you check on this photos and say this is original Diesel or not. For me it looks, authenticity. Thank you very much! Thanks.
  5. Diesel Jeans
    Please authenticate! Thanks in advance :)
  6. Diesel Jeans
    Last day I heard that some new patterns of diesel jeans are coming in the market, which are looking very different from current trends and in affordable price also. Kindly send more information if you have heard about this. If anyone can send picture of this it will be far more better. I just...
  7. Diesel Jeans
    Hey Buddies, I am looking for a catalog where I can find all types of latest fashionable diesel jeans. Please share your ideas from where I can get it. :)
1-7 of 9 Results