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  1. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I bought this item off ebay, and it looks pretty legit because it comes with tags and the original boxing but you can buy that stuff anywhere. Could anyone please help me out? The user has great reviews, but you never know. Thanks so much. <iframe width="480" height="360"...
  2. Louis Vuitton
    Hello everyone, I did some searching and found this belt on ebay, may you help me out in checking its authenticity, thank you everyone! I am no expert on LV belts but in my opinion everything looks ok other than the PARIS letters, if you look at the image on LV website it appears that the "AR"...
  3. True Religion Jeans
    my mom go it for my birthday and i feel bad i think its fake :( its a joey super t. back of jacket- back tag- inner mini tag- inner tag- horseshoe- tag it...
  4. Louis Vuitton
    need help? is it authentic??? or fake?
  5. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    So i got no answer in this forum about auth, but i got some answers on another way. Check!
  6. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    real? :) Whats the main different between prps and the prps noir line??? thx
  7. True Religion Jeans
    I was hoping that someone could tell me the authenticity of these jeans, please! I have included pictures. They are men's jeans.
  8. Diesel Jeans
  9. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    my friend gave me this for free since he bought a new one, hes tellling me its real? how do iknow that? Auth check please anyone? here are the pics...
  10. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    Hi i need you guys to help me authenticate this. Really appreicate for the help.Do they even make this bag in this design? Item Name (if you know it):Chanel 29 x 20 x 12 Link (if available): ebay italy Seller: Who took the pictures: her History of the bag: lady told that her boyfriend gave it...
  11. Coach
    I purchased this belt at a thrift store yesterday & I'm just wondering if it is an actual authentic Coach belt. The belt buckle is made of silver or is at least silver plate, for it is very tarnished & extensive polishing has proved to remove a majority of the tarnish. If anyone would be willing...
  12. True Religion Jeans If that link doesn't work, ebay item: 320735868765 Just bought them but now I'm scared they might be fakes! :(
  13. JUICY COUTURE and Other Accessories Brands
    Hey guys just wanted to check in on this belt. i got it recently last friday. it looks fine but he did not have dust bag, receipt, etc but ensured that he bought it from the gucci store himself. But anyways the serial code seems very fishy. i just wanna know 2nd opinions... thanks. :)
  14. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    See attachments....thanks.
  15. Seven for All Mankind Jeans
    Was searching ebay for some new dojos and ran across this listing for the New dark Jamaica DOJO....I have used the style number and googled it. I cannot find anything on this color or style number....ARE THEY AUTHENTIC? and if they are authentic....if anyone knows what color they are similiar to...
  16. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    hi, i am planning to buy clothes from ebay and I really dont know if they are or arent fake :( NWT DOLCE Please help me because I dont want to waste money. THANKS THANKS THANKS :)
1-17 of 18 Results