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  1. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Is there any person who is expert on Burberry items? I need help with this jacket, i have done some research but i am not sure for 100% is it fake or authentic. Quality is high, QR code redirect to official website. It was "Made in Turkey", but please do not judge its authenticity by this, i...
  2. General Discussion
    Someone wants me to sell that jacket. He sent me that pictures. Could u help me iam not sure! :)
  3. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    Hello! New poster here but long time lover of vintage items. I recently bought what was claimed to be a vintage Burberry trench coat. (In army green) The size wasn't listed and looked on the bigger size so I took a risk (I usually wear around a large these days). Upon receiving it I found...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi everyone! This is my first post! I found a guy selling this coat very cheap, and he claims to be an anthentic Burberry. But I have my doubts! The neck and metal parts are black and I never saw this in a Burberry before. Can someone help me? I'm posting all the photos he sent me. So...
  5. Helpful Reference Threads
    I have found this Burberry scarf for sale on Gumtree. Is it authentic? Please see photos attached:$_86.JPG$_86.JPG Thank You in advance.
  6. General Discussion
    I stupidly bought this on a whim on ebay and didn't think to investigate further. It was $35.00 plus $15.95 shipping. What threw me off was the seller said this was sold "AS IS". Help? Please see link for all the photos because I'm unable to upload all of the photos. Burberry Trench Coat |...
  7. Helpful Reference Threads
    Hello, this is my first time using this forum site, so please bare with me if l'm a newbie at this stuff. I have stumbled across this trench coat from Burberry online the seller said it was an unwanted present for father's day. But l do not want to purchase a fake so l was wondering if some can...
  8. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I bought this trench without thinking about it. I received it in the mail and I don't think its real. Please help. Authentic Burberry London Women 039 s Trench Coat Sz Small | eBay
  9. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hi Folks, Recently got my fathers Burberry's trench coat after he passed. I am trying to see if it is authentic. Perhaps you can help? I have read a number of articles about it and I have come away with the impression that perhaps it is not real. I have posted some pictures and hope you can tell...
  10. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I found this coat today at the thrift and got it to sell, however when I got it home I noticed that the pocket size tag looked like a standard size tag instead of the Name/Order white tags in the authentic ones. It also has this detachable wool collar I haven't seen on others. I figured it might...
  11. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I bought this item off ebay, and it looks pretty legit because it comes with tags and the original boxing but you can buy that stuff anywhere. Could anyone please help me out? The user has great reviews, but you never know. Thanks so much. <iframe width="480" height="360"...
  12. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
  13. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hey guys! Would you please help me authenticate this bag? Since I found it on the Internet, these are all the pictures I have: View image: 28525907 1 1000x700 burberry hati taska miskolc View image: 28525907 2 1000x700 burberry hati taska tolts fe View image: 28525907 3 1000x700 burberry hati...
  14. General Discussion
    seller id on ebay: liuqimin1983 seller has good feedback but i'm still skeptical. someone please help!! i need to know if this coat is authentic :bigeyes
  15. General Discussion
    I have an older Burberry leather jacket. The font on the buttons is quite different than I've ever seen, if anyone could provide information with authenticating Burberry (London) leather jackets, it would be greatly appreciated. (Does not show 'Made in' anywhere. Care label, and materials are on...
  16. Helpful Reference Threads
    Could somebody check the authenticity of this burberry jacket? thank you NEW ARRIVALS !!! BURBERRY London Navy Jacket !!!!
  17. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    I got a Burberry trench coat last christmas and I do not wear it so I want to sell it. After examining it today I'm questioning its authenticity. Can anyone help me out? Tag on liner
  18. Other Denim Brands & Authenticity Checks
    Hello everyone! I bought this coat on ebay and would like some help to authentcate it, please help! Item name: Burberry Short Mac Item number: 110846397529 Seller ID: canham1960 Link: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Additional pics I've taken of the coat after I received it...
1-18 of 31 Results