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  1. True Religion Jeans
    I just bought these on ebay *100% AUTH TRUE RELIGION BILLY SUPER T JEANS 34 / 34 * on (item 270616387561 end time 06-Aug-10 23:08:55 EDT) billy super t . They seem to look real and everything looks like it checks out to me but I'm not really sure? Can anybody verify if these are infact...
  2. Sizes 23-26
    NWT True Religion Julie Super T size 14 fits 24/25 Brown Combo stitch Supers in Dark Harlow wash. Stitching appears a little brushed throughout as can happen with Supers even though they arrived in a poly bag from Bloomingdale’s. :confused: Since they are girls the front button is a snap. $75 -...
21-22 of 23 Results