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  1. True Religion Jeans
    Hello wise ones, I am new to this site and really could use help. If I am doing something incorrect on the site please feel to contact m e and smack me around. I really need to know if I have authentic True Religion Billy Big Ts. My friend just got tossed for a week on Ebay over fake Red Monkey...
  2. True Religion Jeans
    Hello! I'm planning to bid on this TR disco billy big t, and would like to have some advice :) I'm a size 24, and usually size 24 jeans measure 13-14 inches flat at the waist (with dip). However, the seller states in the item description that these measure 24 inches all around the waist, which I...
  3. True Religion Jeans
    I look at some of these posts and think FOR SURE the jeans are real (or fake) only to be totally WRONG! I just need some reinforcement for mental clarity... Please & thank ya! :) FIRST SECOND THIRD
  4. True Religion Jeans
    True Religion Jeans: BILLY BIG T NO RESERVE! - eBay (item 220641351148 end time Jul-26-10 15:54:18 PDT)
1-4 of 4 Results