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    Hi can you please please please help me with this one urgently: ImageShack Album - 11 images Any advice would be appreciated as I will be paying soon!! Thank you so much in advance. Best regards, Laura
  2. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    BALENCIAGA Leather Vert de Gris Green Motorcycle Moto Jacket 44 NWT | eBay Please authenticate this jacket for my buyer.
  3. Womens Shoes & Accessories
    Balenciaga Chevre Olive Day 2005 Description: I’m selling this gorgeous Balenciaga Day bag from my collection because after trying out several styles I think City works the best for me. The Day bag is like a hobo bag with one inside pocket and one outside. Classic style, so aged brass...
  4. Womens Shoes & Accessories
    Hello! Time to do some closet cleaning, I'm letting go of some of my beloved items, some new, some gently used. All items are from either a Nordstrom store or a reputable retailer to insure authenticity. 1. *no longer available! Imperfection noticed on heel :/* NIB Louboutin Arielle talon...
  5. Womens Shoes & Accessories
    Balenciaga 2007 Black GSH Part-Time Asking $1295 now SOLD This is a beautiful 2007 Balenciaga Giant Silver Hardware (GSH) Part Time in black chevre leather. This is a classic, timeless bag that will always be in style. Chevre (goat) leather is discontinued now and is becoming rarer and harder...
  6. Other Handbag and Accessories Brands
    I recently purchased 5 Balenciaga handbags that where sold to me as authentic. How do i check them? I am new to this site so any help or comments are welcome.
1-6 of 6 Results