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  1. Sizes 28-30
    Description: This is a pair of Safado slim straight fit in the infamous 71J wash. Light wash with random bullet holes throughout the jean, patched with blue patches. Like all 71J washes, these stretch like crazy and so downsizing is recommended. (for instance, I'm a 32 true waist and I wear...
  2. Diesel Jeans
    Hey guys! just picked these up earlier this week and was curious as to if i got a so called "good" pair or not...i heard that the distressing,paint,wrinkles etc vary greatly per pair IN A BAD WAY LOL either it's a boring pair or a thumbs up one :) just wanted to know your opinions on mine! and...
  3. Sizes 28-30
    Diesel Viker Straight Jeans Viker 72D 30/32 BRAND NEW W/O TAGS Viker 8AT 30/32 Excellent Condition Viker 8JM 30/32 Excellent Condition Description: So I have decided to move on from my Viker collection.. I recently lost some weight so they are a bit big for me. The Viker cut is a straight leg...
  4. Diesel Jeans
    Good evening! I was hoping that I could get these pair of Zathans authenticated! I'm debating picking them up, but just wanted to make sure. Thank you very much! Kevin
1-5 of 6 Results