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cleverlycharmed 09-17-2010 06:41 PM

Levi's Rinse question

So I got a pair of Levi's Selvedge Skinny jeans for really cheap, around $15 (from their website too!) and the wash is Rinse. If I wear these for a while without washing, would they show contrast over time, like whiskering and honeycombs? Or do you think I'd be better off treating these like other dark wash jeans and try to preserve the color?

I've never really done the whole dry-denim thing, but it's something I've been interested in for a while. I'll get a pair in the future, but for now I have these.

Thanks :)

emilyLOVESlime 09-17-2010 08:38 PM

Can we get a photo of the jeans? Or a link?

Levi's sold dark washed jeans that were NOT raw but were selvedge. In that case, the wear on them over time would be the same as a pair of SFAM Mercer or TR Body Rinse/Rinse jeans.

Ranchu 09-17-2010 10:30 PM

It's hard to say, since some indigo dyed denim have been treated not to fade, and I'm not really familiar with Levi's offerings.

But one-rinse is not at all different from raw denim when it comes to fading, assuming the denim & dyeing techniques are of high quality - many Japanese denim specialist shops offer their jeans in 'one wash'.

Actually, especially when it comes to unsanforised fabric, soaking or washing the denim before wearing allows the characteristics of the denim to come alive, and the resulting ageing effects will look much better!

I would recommend you getting a pair of quality denim ASAP :)

cleverlycharmed 09-17-2010 10:58 PM

And it has this tag, dunno if that provides any insight

And yes, I am saving up for some better dry selvedge jeans :blink these were just way too cheap to pass up.

ETA: Couldn't find a link since these are sold out on the Levi's site. Hopefully these pictures help.

emilyLOVESlime 09-17-2010 11:40 PM

I'm thinking that Levi's doesn't sell dry on their website unless its Capital E (or the 501 STF, which isn't really a high quality dry denim). But I don't really know.

That stated, I'm ASSUMING that these are just a rinse wash, and not raw. Whenever I saw a raw pair in the store, there was always a tag guide telling you how much they would shrink in length/waist when you washed them.

Obviously, stuff might've changed, but the online store really caters to the average person shopping for jeans and I feel like unique cuts and vintage stuff will only appear in B&M stores.

ETA: You could just assume that they were raw and see what happens. Can't hurt for $15, right? :D They are super cute. I have a pair of raw jeans but I gained weight before anything could happen with them. Boo.

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