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Dry Denim Dry Denim/Raw Denim/Selvedge jeans. Show your progress on your Nudie Jeans, Flathead, Samurai, Levis, APC, Pure Blue Japan, Studio D'Artisan, Iron Heart, Sugar Cane, Imperial, whatever you've got

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Old 01-26-2011, 11:59 PM
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New to raw denim

Hi im new to raw denim and was wondering what brand would be best for me... im thinking about either getting Nudie, N&F or APC .. can anyone explain to me the pros and cons of each? and how expensive each are?

i also wanted to know are most raw denim made to be skinny jeans? i prefer not to have it tighter around my calves

Just to help you guys out.. my legs are pretty thick? so which jeans should i get for the brands i listed above?

thankyou so much
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Old 01-27-2011, 09:19 AM
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Here we go!
I have one of each of the brands you mentioned so I know what I'm talking about (har har)
As with you, I have muscular legs and do not like it being tight on my calves, I'm also quite tall so that helps with the long inseams.. anyways, the following cuts aren't skinny, they are slim.

APC - New Standards (true wait 32", APC size 29):
These are my favourite jeans out of the 3. The quality is unsurpassable and the cut, NS, just falls so nicely. I sized down 3 for a slim fit, but you can size whatever you want. These are made of Japanese material (14oz I believe) with a red selvedge line, produced in Macau. These fade pretty quickly but I find the quality is just really nice.. can't get over how well these jeans fit me. Price is $175-$200.

Naked and Famous - Weird Guys Regular Indigo (13oz) (true waist 32", N&F size 29):
The cool thing about these are that they are assembled in Canada, and the company is located in Montreal (my home town!). Anyways, the quality is good, made from Japanese denim. I made the fault of going with the regular indigo - I find these don't fade very well, and the thing that bugs me about the WGs is that the rise is weird.. my crotch feels suffocated some times. These are selvedge as well. The price for this pair is around the $135 mark, but I would get the N&F Weird Guys Deep Indigos (15oz) that are around $180 mark.

Nudie Slim Jims Dry Broken Twills (true waist 32", nudie size 31):
I was a bit disappointed with these because when I got them they were a bit flimsy. The broken twills aren't very thick (not sure of the oz) but they fit well. I sag these quite a bit, but the fading is taking its time. Not a big fan of the back pocket stitching but oh well. These are around the $130 mark.

So my advice is go APC!!! It was funny, a few years back I remember getting into raw denim and I was so bent on going with Nudies.. and some guy said get APC or else you'll regret it.. and trust me, I regret it. I love my APCs to death.
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