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  1. Going to LA!
  2. OMG, HOLY $%^&!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!
  3. what to bring... what to bring...
  4. Doggy + Pile of Jeans alone in a living room = ....
  5. oh no my REVOLVE order is missing!!!! - AGAIN! And found again!
  6. 1000!!!
  7. Dilemma on moving...
  8. Please pray for my dad
  9. Quote of the Day
  10. Have you ever felt compelled to eat an entire 11 oz bag of candy corn in a day?
  11. HELP with a good cell
  12. Forum will be down briefly tonight... do not panic! lol
  13. Happy Birthday gsmbaby19 !!
  14. uuuuuugggghhh......Ive never been so sick in my life
  15. Usps troubles
  16. Child Custody issue
  17. Happy Ramadan!
  18. Butt-watchers anonymous!
  19. Long-term care/nursing homes - what to look for?
  20. Ebay kind please :)
  21. Not Lucy in the Sky
  22. quick denim washing question
  23. Mascot War
  24. Happy Birthday Frankie1980
  25. cute video with Will Ferrell
  26. Revolve coupon...if anyone has one left
  27. Yet ANOTHER Ebay thread
  28. revolve coupon up for grabs
  29. Boot help, STAT!!
  30. To the mods: I made an AF mall mistake!
  31. I hate this month.
  32. Finally a torture crime is reported by the AP!
  33. Happy Jewish New Year!!!!!
  34. Paypal shipping to wrong addresses! Be careful.
  35. I F*CKING HATE technical support transferred to other countries!!!!
  36. Rivalry Gone Wrong--no, its not in Alabama
  37. Ebay RANT GRR. Possibly removing a neg?
  38. I found a puppy!
  39. FREE JEANS GIVEAWAY (this is nola, not a spammer!)
  40. An Interesting eBay Predicament
  41. No more soda, candy, or fries at my school
  42. Yet another eBay
  43. Do I Stay or Do I Go??
  44. Bottom of my t-shirts keep ripping!
  45. what religion are you??
  46. Weird things you do at work..
  47. Are you supposed to tip Carpet installers?
  48. Pomegranate Martini
  49. In remembrance of the events of six years ago today.
  50. this is just sooo effing WRONG.
  51. Ebay RANT!!! ahhh so mad
  52. Help with sn?
  53. Number 2000!!!
  54. Our Dog on Youtube
  55. Iron-on mending fabric
  56. I hate J Crew, sort of
  57. Laws, Law Breakers, Citizens and Drinking! Post your opinion HERE!
  58. OOPS! Lest we forget..(do not read if you are big Liberal Clinton Fan)
  59. I need boots for these jeans...
  61. Oh No!!! No No No I Can't Believe What Ricky's Done Now!
  62. Madeleine McCann killed by her mother?
  63. Cleaning up a Scent spill....
  64. You can now wear your designer denim and....
  65. should i go to the ER a day after a car accident?
  66. ebay help please
  67. Happy Birthday April!!!
  68. Happy Birthday Indypup!
  69. Question about Canada
  70. HELP Xbox 360 Questions
  71. VMAs Tonight
  72. Shipping Problem
  73. Show your love for (insert NFL team here)
  74. RANT- debit cards...more shady practices by banks? automatic tipping???
  76. WTF cingular? *rant*
  77. Cole
  78. With all this recent talk of tattoo's....
  79. Does anyone know where i can find a good heel grip?
  80. Rambitch must stick around, unfortunately. . .
  81. what to do here in san diego?
  82. changed my avatar
  83. Some MORE Deep Thoughts...
  84. Stress relief methods
  85. Tattoo ad on forehead for $10,000
  86. I got these today. . . .
  87. Lovely story on the news this morning
  88. MUAHA! who's your daddy Vista?
  89. Madeleine L'Engle died
  90. I think my cat is sick
  91. Karma is a beotch...especially in Mississippi
  92. How I spent my Friday morning...
  93. eBay Rant...Newbie Non-Pay
  94. i missed out big
  95. Let him out of jail again....
  96. The Hunt for October
  97. How I almost got scammed again! Be careful buying cars on Ebay!! A MUST READ
  98. Another dumbass parent!
  99. hey assholes!
  100. Oh just look at my very good fortune!!
  101. Miracle story
  102. Have you ever?
  103. HOT or NOT? ~~~~ugg boots
  104. Spanish Speakers (fluent) - Free Jeans!
  105. anyone know where I can find this bikini?
  106. costume help
  107. ebay insurance question
  108. Help me identify this squash!
  109. CPA's (or aspiring ones), I need your help ASAP!!
  110. Finish The Lyric...
  111. New TV job - how much privacy to keep?
  112. Advice? UPDATE!
  113. 8K!
  114. WOO-HOO MEG!!!
  115. Buying a new laptop... opinions?
  116. paypal isnt letting me print out a label...
  117. Argh! Just rear-ended someone!
  118. Stich coming off on back pocket
  119. this guy needs to be fired
  120. Boring Professor
  121. Pics of my new 'do...a little late...:(
  122. SAKS and Saks Off 5th Question
  124. Help with my "francais" s'il vous plait!
  125. American schools question....
  126. Top designer items
  127. GRRRRRRR e-bay buyer
  128. Can anyone help me find a Mike and Chris jacket
  129. AF Logo/Slogan CONTEST! WIN BIG PRIZES!
  130. work dress codes suck...seriously
  131. Ebay Seller with Fake account...
  132. In Shock...My daughter got "Student of the Week"
  133. Help me find this dress! Please?
  134. great pyramid
  135. My court trial is tomorrow.... Nervous!
  136. Seen the new ipod?
  137. Why do you think cutters cut?
  138. inappropriate for a wedding?
  139. Job at Urban Outfitters..
  140. Weird question...
  141. Mattel stock hit by third big recall
  142. Can you help me to help a co-worker?
  143. rock and republic special
  144. it's raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. Paypal gave seller the wrong address!
  146. So theres a moth in my room...
  147. speech ideas!
  148. Dealing with a breakup
  149. My cat has a thyroid disorder
  150. Happy Birthday SHELLEY!
  151. WOO HOO! I closed on my new house today!
  152. AHH SCHOOL!
  153. Calling any AF-ers from Austin
  154. New family member
  155. My Day to Bitch!
  156. Visiting Chicago with son in tow....
  157. Funny feedback
  158. Cancer
  159. If you have a little one, what kind of stroller do you use?
  160. disgusted with ebay venders!
  161. Dontcha just hate waiting?!
  162. Always double check your spelling
  163. Hello! My Introduction
  164. AA stuff aside from tees
  165. 999+1= ...
  166. Words of Wisdom
  167. The OFFICIAL College Football Discussion Thread
  168. nervous stomach... huge week ahead
  169. What eBay sniper programs do you guys use?
  170. dog advice
  171. My Evening....
  172. Crocs HATERS Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  173. Croc lovers UNITE!! There is a NEW winter Croc!!!! *PICS*
  174. men's zip-up hoodie, suggestions?
  175. Josh!
  176. hmmm...ebay user name
  177. ack that was an earthquake!!
  178. :/
  179. Where is the best place?
  180. eBay sellers
  181. I had an accident on a Gator!
  182. Funny Commercials!!!
  183. Help with Uggs?
  184. Doggy Humor
  185. Duke rape case
  186. Anyone Read Jane?
  187. Please tell me this isn't real
  188. Shite! I dropped my laptop/wooden spoon?!?
  189. Hilarious auction..Long but funny!
  190. Buyer wants me to cancel her bid so she can use Buy It Now? Should I let her?
  191. It's so quiet in here...
  192. Sopranos Recipes?
  193. Hey guys, what would you want?
  194. Anyone ever ordered from baby sight?
  195. Does picturing people naked really help?
  196. I'm Addicted to AF
  197. Which one should I pick?
  198. The Purpose of a Dog
  199. BidPay lowers fees; No buyer registrations!
  200. Some people are just stupid....
  201. ALL RIGHT AF!!!!
  202. If I Had a DOLLAR for every post...
  203. Please, help your fellow US Americans
  204. AF jargon/linguo/contractions/abbreviations/nonsensicaltalk
  205. ahhh! crap! help
  206. serial killer in my home town
  207. Attn: short-legged capri/crop wearers...what shoes do you wear?
  208. Labor Day Weekend plans
  209. Ricky Bobby!!!
  210. Uh duh....what year did 9/11 happen? duhhhhhhh...
  211. Revolve coupon restrictions
  212. I got my engagement ring!! *pictures*
  213. help me decide
  214. Choosing a Wife..Corny laugh for the day...
  215. Happy Birthday, missypoo!!
  216. How do you deal with defeat?
  217. Happy Birthday morgan mom!!
  218. WIGGLE!
  219. What's hot now
  220. How Nascar fans roll down South! *shudder*
  221. Paula Deen, Butter Love
  222. So I think I'm going to have good classes this fall!
  223. Kittenwar!
  224. [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!
  225. Trading help, please
  226. unauthorized paypal activity
  227. I got the lamest fortune cookie fortune...
  228. Looking for boots
  229. How to deal with rude friends..?
  230. It's lunchtime poll time! It's a poll about the drama poll!
  231. Help--dress disaster for the wedding this weekend!
  232. indypup
  233. Stupid Cat Pics Megathread
  234. Anniversary gift help, please!
  235. I fell asleep in my jacuzzi tub last night!
  236. Question about boots
  237. Big day today!
  238. Lunar Eclipse
  239. Boyfriend's B-Day Coming Up and I'm Stumped :(
  240. Why do people have 5434479397 pets and not care for them?
  241. Vote for mini-contest winner!
  242. I'm obsessed with baths!
  243. R&R CEO a sexual harasser?
  244. eBay Unpaid Item Mutual Agreement??
  245. Well, I just got my first retaliatory negative feedback...
  246. Thanks for input!!
  247. ...and this makes 4000
  248. For those who have everything, here's your chance to own...
  249. Justification for Designer Brands! :)
  250. Happy Birthday Catwoman!!