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  1. Am I allowed to ask how old everyone on here is?
  2. Happy Birthday bassclarbabe!
  3. OK buyer gets charged $80 customs/duties fees now wants to return item
  4. If PETA wasn't nuts already...
  5. Does Anyone Know How To Remove Glue From A T-Shirt? *PICS*
  6. Box Tops anyone?
  7. What do you think about these?
  8. Does anyone have the LG Voyager? please no flamming.
  9. Are you REALLY Biased? Project Implicit: Take some tests and find out
  10. Help! Any middle school teachers on AF?
  11. How the HELL can anyone live like this?!?!
  12. Halp Need opinions
  13. Does anybody still wear Polo (Ralph Lauren) loads like me!?
  14. FINALLY...
  15. Opinions, Please!
  16. Finland school gunman kills nine
  17. Addiction + Behavior Q.....
  18. looking for a video viral series? need ur help
  19. names under avatar?
  20. Brother Stabs Brother Over Hot Pocket
  21. Happy Birthday Yummymummy!!!
  22. my single white female!! ugghhh :\
  23. ohhhhhh jeans
  24. Where to get audiobooks
  25. What a start... F'in' mondays :(
  26. Ninja Cat Video - Absolutely Hilarious!
  27. Jeans reinforcement?
  28. Lululemon
  29. I'm going to hem 3 pairs of new jeans today.
  30. Firefox 3 sucks..
  31. hmmmmmmm....twins???
  32. Grrrrr photoshop....
  33. Blink-182 Drummer, Travis Barker & DJ AM critically injured in plane crash
  34. Another sewing machine help thread (Brother)
  35. Congratulations, Liz!!!!!!!!
  36. This made me LOL-How men and women shower :o)
  37. Put a boogie in your butt? What??!
  38. Free Disney on your birthday!!!
  39. Weird foods of the world (if you have a weak stomach, best to pass...)
  40. hahahaha Ohhhhh *hic*
  41. Pricing on ebay
  42. STOCKS SOAR up 780 points!
  43. I need a dress fast! UK members: Help!
  44. Facebook face lift: LOVE IT or LEAVE IT?
  45. How often do you pleasure yourself?
  46. What to wear? Punk show...?
  47. FREE PEE!!
  48. Pumpkin Hershey Kisses
  49. what the heck...babies having babies =(
  50. shucking fit! i am PISSED!
  51. Halloween Costumes
  52. spiderman fans
  53. Napa Valley wine tasting experience?
  54. Best way to reply....? :/
  55. How long does a special order on Revolve take?
  56. iPod at the gym
  57. Most users online new record!
  58. help with money order
  59. What Would Tyler Durden Do
  60. Did anyone else get the REVOLVE CODE?
  61. School Fundraisers....
  62. anyone on adderall?
  63. How many forums do you belong to?
  64. Top ten reasons why AF is better than HF
  65. Hello everyone
  67. Street art
  68. Is there a place to watch tv shows online?
  69. Another Great depression?
  70. Question about flap pockets....
  71. I doubt there will be a Pink Floyd reunion now :(
  72. Skinny Jeans
  73. feeBAY
  74. is this hoody worth 375?
  75. really need your advice
  76. need men's PJs recommendation!
  77. Today I experienced the scariest 20 minutes of my life
  78. BIG Bubba for me :)
  79. Ebay Deteriorating - Mass Layoffs Expected
  80. Computer help
  81. Hey Buddha...will we drop below 11,000?
  82. Thoughts on the new Metallica CD?
  83. Happy Belated Birthday britvic!!!
  84. Can anyone recommend a good laptop tote?
  85. Milkshake (Boys in the yard pic now up)
  86. Why does Paypal hold funds?
  87. Saks Mystery Money- anyone want?
  88. Rain Boots!
  89. My Clothes Got Stolen Out of My Car!!! *sobs*
  90. Show me your workout playlist!
  91. Happy Birthday gsmbaby19!
  92. Has anyone ever had a coat taken in?
  93. Hannah Montana Toilet Seat?
  94. Moto style jacket
  95. ebay seller question
  96. Qn about Club Monaco..
  97. Took long enough....
  98. Wow... what the...
  99. Dont Laugh. [[New Purse]]
  100. Happy Birthday Frankie1980 & Eskie (his girlfriend and dog)
  101. Anybody have a Peticure or Pedipaws?
  102. Help please - visiting Washington, DC and need to shop!
  103. Haha Jean Junkie!?
  104. Holy freakin cow....
  105. Yesterday was a sad day
  106. Need Help with International Shipping!!!
  107. Hold me..(warning..spider bite pics)
  108. Rate my College Admissions Essay #2
  109. CanadaPost Expedited long does it usually take?
  110. Help me name my dog!
  111. haha - women can pee just like men.
  112. Death Penalty Appeal Petition
  113. Anyone with a Biochemistry degree on the forum?
  114. edit much?
  115. How much to spend on engagement ring?
  116. Sxephil -funny guy- *video*
  117. My Dog Is Very Sick
  118. 9/11 Stories
  119. The Official I LOVE THE USA-Never Forget! Thread-Rembering 9/11
  120. AF Toronto Meetup!
  121. Large Hadron Collider
  122. Hey guys..need some advice
  123. I'm on my way to my interview !!! Wish me luck!!
  124. Happy Birthday wasntme!!
  125. Happy Birthday Smokin Ace
  126. "Palinize Me"
  127. Indypup!!!!
  128. GIRLICIOUS fan art opinions!!
  129. No Bull! San Antonio To Convert Waste Into Energy
  130. need a bag for school...
  131. Any bra recommendations?
  132. ebay seller asking for sales tax
  133. A somewhat macabre poll...suicide
  134. 'Dog Can't Bark'
  135. Can anyone ID this bug for me? (Don't click if you don't like BUGS!!)
  136. Rich & Skinny Jeans
  137. Happy Birthday sungy!!!
  138. Jury Duty
  139. USPS delivery question
  140. i need some help from you creative people
  141. CNN video on
  142. hey, help me win contest
  143. do I handle this?
  144. obessed with these..someone help me find them
  145. Diana Wu
  146. paypal dispute question
  147. Im MAD! Yes, Hipslikemonroe is PISSED!
  148. does nordstroms or metropark ever have coupons/discounts?
  149. ebay q. (APO AE address)
  150. ALL Creative Writers! $ Prize Contest
  151. Fashion Week NYC
  152. Trying not to get depressed about the economy but not succeeding
  153. My brother used to work with this guy!
  154. Coach Don Haskins passed away today
  155. stain help for one of my fav pairs....
  156. anyone ever use irc?
  157. Silk Screen/Screen Printing
  158. Please block this psycho on ebay!!
  159. Canadian Election Oct. 14
  160. [email protected]@K! Labor day (pic heavy)
  161. I kissed a girl and I liked it.....then I went to hell
  162. An explanation AT LAST!
  163. L.A Times on Fake Jeans
  164. Winter Jackets
  165. need help finding .....
  166. Ike bumped back to a cat 3
  167. I dont know what to do...
  168. life regrets
  169. Test your political self !!!
  170. ebay question
  171. Am I making a big deal over nothing?
  172. Stacking on Straight Legs - Women
  173. Don't mess with Texas
  174. Item not as described...
  175. Do you or someone you know need a fashion Makeover?
  176. Is anyone else freaked out about Hurricane Hanna going to hit Long Island? =0
  177. The Many uses of toilet paper
  178. Happy Birthday, Shelley!!!!
  179. Football Starts Tonight
  180. Fakes have hit a new low =\
  181. men's underwear
  182. the Caylee Anthony mess
  183. seven deadly sins halloween costume ideas?
  184. Today's my first day teaching! :o
  185. pm question! haven't been here in a while..
  186. the best
  187. LOL!
  188. anyone ever worked at Metropark?
  189. Would this be considered insurance fraud?
  190. Honestly you people sicken me
  191. 4 Things that made me SMILE today.
  192. Dumb question about adobe files...
  193. anyone ever return anything to solis??
  194. help with measurements
  195. should i file a paypal dispute?
  196. In need of female perspective... relationships
  197. experience w/hiring?
  198. BOOKS on B-Schools'/ MBA
  199. Paypal International Shipping Customs Form
  200. Randy 'The Natural" Couture back in the UFC!!!
  201. Google Chrome
  202. Shorties - how do you hem flares?
  203. The FBI says its TRUE! I maybe RICH!
  204. Second Hand onlineshopping worldwide
  205. Will you all vote for me as your next President?
  206. Fail!
  207. My College Application Essay -- What do you think?
  208. For people who hem by long does it take?
  209. Charla--Hurricane Update
  210. Blessings and Luck to those in Gustav's Path
  211. .....Naked On The Inside.....
  212. Is this a legit email from Paypal? Anyone heard about this lawsuit?
  213. NYC bars around E60th & 2nd/3rd ave??
  214. Yay! I actually organized my jeans & even have PICS!!
  215. Thought some of you'd like this.. (RE:Andy Warhol)
  216. Football season is here!
  217. WAYWT AWARDS!?!
  218. dragonfly
  219. My 1000th post!!
  220. Greenies...
  221. Anyone in or near Tampa Bay, FL?
  222. the economy sucks ass
  223. happy birthday missypoo !!
  224. happy birthday Stacy! (morgan_mom)
  225. The OFFICIAL College Football Thread 2008 Edition!!
  226. More fun with SPAM mail
  227. What I should be doing instead of surfing AF....
  228. I need opinions (sewing machine related)
  229. Question/Help regarding work visa in Canada
  230. Anybody else receive a phone call from Ebay at home?!
  231. New Kitty!
  232. I just hemmed all the jeans in my closet!!
  233. Where to buy Lacoste shoes online?
  234. My eventful evening..........and how very proud I am of DD! She saved a life!!
  235. Alaskan Gov gets mccain nod
  236. Fall TV favorite show returns...
  237. Sorry guys, another Emoda thread?
  238. Any Salt Lake City members here?
  239. HELP! guy sideswiped me today and now claims MY FAULT!
  240. Anyone Have This Problem w/ UPS?
  241. Any UK members out there???
  242. In need of some brand reccomendations
  243. Take the Dr. Phil Test! :)
  244. Trademark Violation?!
  245. Warts
  246. an overheating question..please help :)
  247. DVD creation software for PC?
  248. Wow I missed a lot!
  249. My eventful day (an understatement)
  250. being paid with ebay bucks?