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True Religion Jeans Wanting to find authentic True Religion Jeans or information on styles? Think you may have purchased fake True Religion Jeans? We have the truth...

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Old 04-11-2010, 06:28 PM
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Fake vs. Real TR -- Basics on how to spot them


Originally submitted by fergusons_red_army --

eBay Guides - Authenticating TRUE RELIGION - A pictorial guide
eBay Guides - Authenticating TRUE RELIGION - PART 2, new 2007 styles
eBay Guides - Authenticating TRUE RELIGION -PART 3 More 2007 styles

things that should make it easy for you to decide whether or not your jeans are authentic

1. If the price is ridiculously low, usually it's fake unless its a trusted seller for example Daily Denim, VIP Fashions. Fakes do sell for a lot due to uneducated or ignorant ebayers, so don't just buy asumming the jeans are real because the price is high, or climbing.

2. If you're not sure, ask for some better pics and if they are not provided, stay away to be safe.

3. There are many key things to look at, but no ONE SINGLE item, do not just go off the one aspect look at several to ensure they are authentic


of fakes is generally very poor and its easy to notice things such as the horseshoe shape and placement on the back pockets

2. generally fake tr's show to much distressing and make a complete mockery out of the real thing

3. sometimes the writing and font on the tags or logo on the back of the jeans is different to the proper thing but usually you only have to look at this aspect as a last resort

right, onto the more detailed information (in all images the one on the left is real and any images following it are examples of fakes)

tr back pockets

the horse shoe design on fakes tend to have the wrong shape in many cases they are too wide, some fakes do not even make an attempt to put the horse shoe in the centre of the pocket and instead have it tilted to one side

tr back pocket flaps

fakes curve to a minimal extent or simply don't curve at all,this is one of the easiest factors IMO to finding out if the jeans are real or not

tr coin pockets

when i first got into tr's this was what i counted on to ensure authentic tr's and most of the time it worked but just like the back pocket flaps, fakers have realised that the coin pocket should also be curved but some just don't learn...

tr backtag

there's a few things to look out for here, sometimes fakes have the wrong font and just look cheaply constructed, this is demonstrated on the hand of the buddha, the real one's are made in depth and it is possible to see all the fingers of the buddha, on fakes however the buddha doesn't have this distinct look on the fingers i would just also like to specify that the left picture is of joey mens and the right picture of joey womens, incase you were wondering tr do not have seat numbers or rows for the womens so this is not a way to check for authentication furthermore in regards with the men's jeans only, the seat is always and i repeat always seat 33 so if you see seat 34 or something then it's an automatic giveaway that it is fake! (see third pic) (NOT ANYMORE... TR HAS MADE SEAT 34 FOR SOME TIME NOW)

tr inside tags

recently the newer models, like diesel have microstitching and the fake pairs just have the usual cheap silver thread pretending to be microstitching, i came across a pair with a very strange inside tag which was fake of course but i had never come across it before, it said "made in u.s.a" (see below) this made it obvious they were fake it should say made in usa without the dots between each letter also in the part which says "brand jeans" the j in jeans should dip down slightly however some fakers have caught up with this and have included the dip down on the "j" so do not be fooled into thinking they are real because of this aspect( 1st pic is real, the 2nd shows the "u.s.a" fake and the 3rd a tag without the dip on the "j") also after comparing the three pics myself i also noticed that the real "a" in usa, it is pointed at the top wheras the fakes seem to be curved at the top of the "a"

** Older TR Jeans had a FLAT TOP on the A in USA ** This is not an accurate tell to blindly assume a flat top A is a fake.

This is a REAL Bobby tag from 2004 style.

tr inside stamp (the buddha)

fake inside stamps look more faded than the real thing most of the time it's hard to say whether or not they are authentic looking at this aspect until the jeans have been washed a couple of times, some fake inside stamps may not look faded but are blatant fakes as they look nothing like the actual buddha

tr hangtags

the fake tr hangtag shows no sign of distressing at all but some fakers have caught up and have now created hangtags which resemble the actual thing (notice in the second pic the tag is bent in the top right corner to make it look like the real thing, trying to make it look distressed)

Keep in mind regarding the cardboard hang tag, which IMO is one of the last things to look at, many fakes have attempted distressing by "quartering" them, meaning you will see fold marks as if they had been bent back and forth in halves both ways.

tr hangtags (the newer version)

the newer hangtags are attached to the jeans with denim and have relatively short loops. The back is a very thin peice of cardstock which is treated to resemble leather. although the first pic is indeed of a real tag, fakers are now transferring the real tag onto the fake jeans to try and con the buyer into thinking they were real so be on the look out for this, notice in the fake tag it is attached with string not denim and notice how it says seat 34 instead of 33 (on the backtag of jeans)

that's it for now but myself and keri are working together to compile some extra information and to enhance the guide, we are going to include things such as embroidery i.e. miss groovy, bobby godiva etc and also things such as joey patch. we will have a mini guide on washes and which cuts each wash comes in, we will continue to update on a regular basis so that everyone is aware of new fakes etc

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Old 04-11-2010, 06:31 PM
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Rainbow Compare: Fake vs. Real

Originally submitted by luvapup:

This multi color Rainbow pocket was the first color of Rainbow horseshoes made by TR.
They were Cowgirl Destroyed Big T wash, and the belt label can say either:
Rainbow Joey
Joey BigT

FAKE on left REAL on right.

-Note horseshoe placement of fake is poorly centered and too small.

-Note straight 'wing' part of horseshoe on fake vs. gently curved on real

-Note stitch colors of fake vs real which should be predominantly an warm tone of red, yellow,
gold, orange, brown, tan giving an overall view of a reddish orangey gold rainbow.
-VS: the fake which every color is distinct and does not blend well with the others leaving an
overall impression of mixed garbage.


-Note: Stitch length on ALL portions of the jean.
EVENLY spaced stitches are on ALL TR...vs. the fakes have small non distinct stitching,
and thinner looking threads of varying stitch lengths.

THIS APPLIES to ALL portions of the jean, the horseshoe, the yoke, the back seam, the
waistband, the side seams ALL PORTIONS!

KEY as well is the BOLDER tacking stitches anchoring pocket flaps, corners, and belt tabs!
Authentic True Religion Tacking stitching is very distinctive and a key element in noting a fake.


Shape of pocket flaps!
Graceful curves from edges down to the point or apex of pocket flap center
again accompany an authentic True Religion jean.

***A quick bonus for the COWGIRL DESTROYED WASH!***

Note the yoke seam and bulky upper and lower edges of the waist band.
See how the denim appears to be of a lighter color, as if slightly bleached.

THIS will always accompany an authentic True Religion COWGIRL/COWBOY Destroyed wash,
whether a rainbow or just the CGD BigT.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
Here is another comparison:
Pair on left is my pair, currently for sale: Pair on right, is your pair. Note all the differences.

1. Shape of horseshoes, the fake is too small, does not fill the pocket.
2. Fake is not placed in the proper place or centered right.
3. Note different shape on the pocket itself. Real is angled wider at top, rectangular and pointed The fake is boxy and squarish.
4. Note the evenness of stitch length in the real, and the small irregular length stitches in the fake. Particularly note the center back seam.
5. Note the color of the horseshoe stitches. The real is warm toned, and blends nicely each row of color. The fake is almost garish.
6. Denim quality jumps right out as well as the wash itself.
7. Belt label. Yes, the real is mens, the fake womens.
But look at the size, its supposed to be a BigT so the belt label should be bigger on the womens anyway.
8. Note the uneven placement location and stitching on the belt label. The fake is very sloppy.
9. Shape of pocket flaps. Real TR has flaps that gently and gracefully curve from edge toward the apex center. See the shape of the fake flap.

Mini tutorial here:
OK, Mini Fake tutorial here.



~Whats going on here?
~Note incorrect twine attachment with a leather/fabric hang tag.
ALWAYS A HUGE RED FLAG< this should never be.

~Whats up with this coin pocket so exposed?
Very incorrect.

Note overall streaky cheap wash.
__________________________________________________ _____________


1. Lumpy wobbbly belt label, even at this distance, poorly attached and poor quality.

2. SMALL size of pocket flap, note distance between top and bottom of flap.
~Also note distance between the flap and the horseshoe. It would be correct to notice that there is basically NO SHAPE to this pocket flap at all, it is barely pointed at all.

__________________________________________________ _________


1. Note the thin, cheap, poor color of the red reinforcement/tacking stitches.
Real TR is not red, but more of an orange/red and is visibly a thicker
thread and bolder stitching, with a straight bar, and then clear zig zag

2. Again, note this crazy thing that is to pass for a coin pocket...its mostly fully exposed, which in this style, it should not be. Note huge threading in the horseshoe. Fully incongruent with the rest of the garment stitching. Which brings me to the next point.

~~ Note the arrows, and the varying degrees of stitch length labeled 'A' versus those labeled 'B'. All TR has distinct thick, bold stitches of EVEN LENGTH overall the garment. Stitching should never be wiggly, or some shorter, some longer some uneven. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT to note.~~

__________________________________________________ ______________


NOte all the same issues as above picture, clearly seen here.
1. Even the actual stitching that is supposed to be attaching the pocket flap to the jean is sloppy, loose, all over the place.
2. Tacking thin and cheap.
3 Stitch length irregular overall.
4. Note distinct difference in the actual stitch of the horseshoe, than the rest of the garment. Also incorrect.

__________________________________________________ __________


Knee whiskers?
This is laughable...they look like paint streaks of some sort, and not even remotely close to what could even be considered a 'manufactured' natural whiskering.
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