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Old 05-11-2007, 08:26 AM
Denim Fan
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Missing Washing Instructions

Hi there,
I bought a pair of Seven jeans from JudyNJacob (American Ebay seller) and I had and still have no doubts that they are authentic. However, the jeans did not fit and I resold them on ebay and now the one who bought the jeans thinks that they are fake. One of the reasons why she thinks they are fake is that there are no washing instructions on the inside of the jeans because all the jeans she owns from regular stores do have them. Furthermore she says that the silver stripe on the back of the tag (with the security number) looks different and the stitching on the back pockets is not properly sewed. I told her that I've already seen Jeans where the stitching was not properly sewed in regular shops as well, but I could not explain the missing washing instructions. Does one of you have an explanation? Or does anyone have experience with JudyNJacob? To me, her jeans all look authentic!

I do have several jeans from ebay without those washing instructions and never thought much about it, since the jeans look authentic to me. I've included 2 pics of the jeans (the color looks strange, but that's only due to my camera, it's a NYD) - one with the inner tag (unfortunately I didn't photograph the security number on the back), and one with the back pocket stitching.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me on this!
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Old 05-11-2007, 08:31 AM
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well.. i can tell you that those are 100% authentic.
judynjacob sells authentic ONLY.
i can't help you out as to why the washing instruction are missing.
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Old 05-11-2007, 08:33 AM
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Washing instructions stopped being on the pocket lining about 2 years ago. Seven doesn't do that anymore. Bidder is just clueless. Tell her to walk into any retail store and tell you how many new styles she sees that on. Hint: zero is the answer

Last edited by idalis; 05-11-2007 at 08:34 AM.
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Old 05-11-2007, 08:35 AM
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Denim God
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^ that's good to know... i swear i learn something new everyday here
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Old 05-11-2007, 09:29 AM
Denim Fan
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I just knew that judyNjacob only has authentic stuff, thanks for the confirmation nnnola! :-)

Thanks for that explanation idalis!
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