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Old 06-02-2006, 11:20 AM
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The Paypal/eBay/Online Selling Informational Superthread


This tutorial is for a PayPal dispute filed by the buyer. Credit Card chargebacks are not the same. Specifically the guide is about Item Disputes for items Significantly Not As Described on eBay.

First make sure that you have given the seller ample time to contact you before filing a dispute. If you cannot contact them by e-mail use EBay’s contact information page to try calling the seller to explain the problem. However don’t wait to long. In most cases you have a 45 day period in which you can file a dispute. Also make sure your dispute is valid. Just because the jeans are the wrong size doesn’t mean you should file a PayPal dispute saying they are fake. Buyers with invalid disputes will often end up wasting their time if they go up against a knowledgeable seller.

Also don't threaten the seller with a dispute. Personally I would not let the seller know you will be filing a dispute. Many times sellers who don't sell often on eBay will drain their PayPal accounts and there will be no money left in them to pay your claim when you win.

To file a dispute go to your PayPal account. Search for the payment of the item you want to dispute. At the bottom of the page is the following information:

“Need help? If you have problems with a transaction or would like assistance settling a dispute with your seller, visit the Resolution Center. PayPal strongly recommends attempting to resolve this issue directly with the merchant or seller whenever possible.”

Click on the Resolution Center link to begin filing the dispute.

Page 1 Report A Problem. On the first page you have 2 choices. “Item Dispute” or “Unauthorized Transaction”, select “Item Dispute”.

Page 2 Reason For Dispute. On this page you have 2 choices. Item not received or Item Significantly Not As Described (SNAD). Select SNAD.

Page 3 Provide Additional Information. The first step on this page is selecting how the item is SNAD. Select the reason(s) that best describe why you feel this items description was inaccurate.

The “Compose Message To Seller” section is where you should build your case. This message will be visible to both the seller and to PayPal.

Pretend I purchased a fake pair of jeans. I would say

“The Diesel jeans I received from the seller are fakes. I have been wearing this brand since 2000 and I know how to tell the difference between real and fake. The jeans are low quality, the wash, distressing and stitching are inaccurate and sloppy compared to an authentic pair. This pair doesn’t have the microstitching on the tag. I also took this pair to an authorized retailer and they agreed that it is a fake.”

Personally I would say I took the item to an expert in the field prior to being asked by PayPal that you need to due so. Do this as long as you are sure the item is SNAD. If you are not sure you should consult with an expert prior to filling the dispute.

Next pick the amount of refund you want. In most cases you should pick a full refund. It is completely up to the seller if they want to issue a partial refund. If they choose not to issue the partial refund then PayPal will request that you ship the item back to the seller for a full refund.

Page 5 Your Dispute Is Open. You can go to the resolution center to check the status of your dispute.

At this point you should already have a chance to win the dispute. Most sellers will cave in because of a few reasons. 1. PayPal puts a hold on the money in their account and they want access to it. 2. They are scared that you will win anyways so they just want to get it over with.

Page 6 Resolution Center. You receive messages from the seller and respond to the seller here. You can also escalate to a claim, request a refund and close the dispute. You have 20 days before the dispute closes automatically.

You should not close the dispute until you receive a refund, exchange or what ever is a suitable outcome for you.

When you can not come to an agreement with the seller or the seller does not respond it is time to escalate to a PayPal claim. I usually allow the seller 1 business day to respond to a dispute before I upgrade to a claim. If the seller is unwilling to come to an agreement prior to the dispute, I upgrade to a claim immediately.

Page 7 End Communication And Escalate To A Claim. On this page in the additional information box you should post something similar to what you originally posted when filing the claim. If the seller didn’t respond, refused to refund, sent harassing e-mails etc I will mention this here also.

After you upgrade to a claim the seller now has 10 days to respond to PayPal. Keep in mind holidays etc that might have the seller to busy to respond to the claim and file at this time. No response and you will win automatically. If the seller does respond and refuses a refund then you will be asked to provide more information. This is usually in the form of an expert in the field of that item saying it is fake, damaged etc. It requires a written letter on their company’s letterhead. PayPal will review this. Sometimes PayPal will just look at the listing and see it is deceptive and will not require a letter. As long as all your information lines up and says exactly what the original claim was you will win.

If you need a letter please contact Idalis for more information.

If after all this you don’t win which is unlikely then there is still a few ways to get your money back. One way is PayPal! Call them up and find the nicest friendliest representative you can. Tell this person the case in a nice calm voice. If you are lucky PayPal will give you a partial or full refund of your item. I once talked to some cute sounding girl and was hitting on her and she gave me a full refund from PayPal’s money! If you don’t get the right person on the phone the first time hang up and call again. Sooner or later you will.

Another way to get your money back is credit card chargeback. You should ALWAYS fund online purchases with a credit card. ALWAYS! Your CC provider will offer you protection on your purchases, PayPal buyer protection doesn’t work every time so with a CC you always have a back up.
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Old 06-02-2006, 11:21 AM
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Ok first thing I am going to tell you is its basically impossible to win a Paypal dispute against a buyer if

1. You don’t have a qualified Verified Business or Premier Account
2. You ship to an unconfirmed address
3. You ship with out tracking
4. You ship without signature receipt on items $250 or greater

You don’t follow these 4 steps and you have no chance what so ever consider your item and money history! Maybe you get away with it for 1 or even 100 sales but it only takes 1 chargeback from a buyer of a $200 item to teach you a valuable lesson. I had almost 800 sales before a buyer using a stolen credit card ripped me off. It was only $30 but sometimes I am selling comics for a few grand! Just imagine getting ripped off for $1000. THAT’S GOTTA SUCK!!!

#1 Rule of Paypal for me is drain all the money I don’t need in there. If you leave your money sitting around and Paypal flags your account for some reason your entire account can be frozen. People have lost a lot of money this way. It has wreaked peoples businesses and lives. Make sure you take your money out on a regular basis!

Ok so go to Paypal right now and setup your account to a business or premier account. Its simple to do and I believe is mandatory to accept money from Ebay with a Paypal account.

Next go to the My Accounts - Profile – Selling Preferences - Payment Receiving Preferences. Select the option Block payments from U.S. users who DO NOT provide a Confirmed Address. This deals with all the U.S. buyers who don’t have a confirmed address. In fact it will even walk them through confirming their address. Which any honest buyer will do. From this point you can also block all international payments too. This is because both Canadian and English buyers can confirm their accounts. I do let other international buyers know that I don’t accept Paypal from unconfirmed addresses in my auctions. If they are honest buyers its not a problem for them to get a money order, cashiers check or do a wire transfer. If they do a wire transfer make sure you find out from your bank how much it will cost and include that in the total amount due.

All the major shippers offer tracking and signature confirmation. Also I would recommend insurance. I have mandatory insurance for anything over $50. That’s simply because that’s about the point when it is to much for me to lose.

So you followed all those steps and now a buyer files a dispute against you. You now have to respond to Paypal with in a period of time. The seller has 10 days to respond to the buyers dispute. If you DO NOT respond you lose automatically.

You have 3 options agree, resolve and disagree. Unless you are at fault choose disagree. If you are at fault you shouldn’t be trying to win a dispute against the buyer because I can guarantee you have no chance of winning against any buyer who know how to win a dispute. Paypal always sides with the buyer as long as the buyer gives them information proving their claim.

You have the option to give the buyer a partial refund at this point. Do not do this. There are a lot of buyers who are con-artists. They file disputes just to get a partial refund on items. Basically they have no problem with the item they just want to save more money and find it easy since many sellers will just cave into a partial refund just to get Paypal to release the hold they place on their money

Now you need to provide Paypal with details of your transaction including tracking, signature confirmation and anything else. Anything info you can provide to disagree with the buyers claim is helpful right now. Photos of an item that is undamaged, certificates of authentication anything that you think will be in your favor. If you can’t provide the details you lose.

At this point a Paypal Dispute Resolution Specialist is assigned to your case. The specialist will request information in the from the buyer. Usually this involves a expert in the field of whatever item the dispute is about. If the buyer can’t provide the information with in 10 days (well I think its 10 days but I am not in a dispute at the moment so I can’t say 100%) then you will win the dispute.

As long as the buyer provides information backing up their claim chances are you will lose. So if you sold them a fake pair of jeans or a comic book that is in Very Fine condition that you said was in Mint then you are screwed you have no chance to win unless the buyer gives up. Which if the buyer is anything like me and pinches all his pennies you are totally screwed!

If the buyer wins they must now ship the item back to you in the condition received. At this point you should have some photos of your item ready just incase they try to pull a fast one. Like swapping your comic that was in great condition for one that is all tore up or a fake pair of jeans for your real ones. If this happens immediately contact Paypal. Take photos of the new item and get ready for a huge drama.

Now I know maybe this didn’t help you much as a seller because you are now thinking its impossible to win. Well no its not. The way a seller wins disputes is not by trying to fight the buyer after the fact. Sellers win through prevention. If you follow all the steps listed above and are selling quality items you don’t have anything to worry about in the first place. Except those occasional crazy buyers who want to try and tell you the item I received is a different color then you described. Ask them what color it is and they might say something like no color or metal.

That concludes this lesson. Class dismissed.
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Old 06-02-2006, 11:21 AM
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Here are some links to contact if you get scammed:

1) U.S. Postal Inspection Service: U.S. Postal Inspection Service
2) USPS Mail Fraud Complaint Form: Mail Fraud On-Line Complaint Form
3) IFCC Internet Fraud Complaint Center:
4)IFCC Complaint Form:
5) IFCC Fraud Statistics:
6) FTC Federal Trade Commission: Federal Trade Commission Home
7) FTC Consumer Complaint Form:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01
8) NFIC National Fraud Information Center: "NCL's National Fraud Information Center/Internet Fraud Watch"
9) Consumer Sentinel: Consumer Sentinel
10)NCL National Consumer's League: Welcome to the National Consumers League
11)The BBB (Better Business Bureau): BBB
12)BBB Online Complaint Form: Untitled
13)Internet SCAMBUSTERS: Protect Yourself from Internet Scams - Subscribe to Internet ScamBusters
14)International Welcome to
15) Complaint Form:$com.main?p_lang_seq=1
16)Seller's local States Attorney General's office:
17) Seller's local police department which you can find seller's city/town here:
USACOPS: Police Departments, Sheriffs' Offices, Officers, and Other Law Enforcement Agencies




PayPal Seller protection covers: “A Chargeback is covered if it was due to non-receipt of merchandise, or an unauthorized payment. A Reversal is covered if it was due to an unauthorized payment. The Seller Protection Policy does not cover claims for Significantly Not as Described, or sales of intangible goods, services, or licenses for digital content.”
If you accept PayPal you will only be covered by the seller protection if you:
1. “You must have a Verified Business or Verified Premier Account at the time of the transaction,
2. The transaction must be between a CONFIRMED US, UK or Canadian buyer and a US, UK or Canadian seller, 3. The payment must be listed as "Seller Protection Policy Eligible" on the “Transaction Details” page,
4. You must accept a single payment from one PayPal Account for the purchase,
5. You must not charge a surcharge for accepting PayPal,
6. You must ship the purchased item to the address listed on the “Transaction Details” page, and that address must be identified as a Confirmed Address,
7. You must ship the item to the buyer within 7 Days of receiving payment,
8. You must have trackable online proof of delivery from an independent shipper to the address on the “Transaction Details” page. For transactions involving $250.00 USD or more, you must provide a proof of receipt that was signed or otherwise acknowledged by the buyer, and
9. You must respond to PayPal’s requests for information within the time period PayPal specifies.”

If you do not follow those steps you will not be covered by the seller protection program. It doesn’t matter if the buyer pays for an item or sends quasi-cash, buys it from eBay, off AuthenticForum or through random instant messages. You will not be covered by the seller protection policy if the buyer files.

Unconfirmed PayPal buyers MUST use BidPay - Auction Payment Service - or International Money orders for a SELLERS protection from scams and chargeback’s.

If you ship with BidPay - Auction Payment Service - or any online payment method you need to ship to the approved address with tracking in order to be covered by their protection programs. If you ship to alternate addresses provided by the buyer you will not be covered. You need to check with your payment processor prior about requirements to be covered prior to shipping. If you fail to follow the requirements you will not be covered.


For domestic US buyers:
Any USPS shipping service w/ delivery confirmation will cover you up to $250 through PayPal as long as you are eligible for seller protection. If the payment was $250 or more Any USPS shipping service with signature confirmation will cover you as long as you are eligible for seller protection.

**ONLY USPS International Express is fully trackable and includes $100 insurance built into the price.**
Shippers like FedEx, UPS and DHL have their own tracking systems in place. If you use 1 of those shippers you need to use a method that can track the package. If the item is greater then $250 and you accept PayPal you need to use a service that requires a signature confirmation.

'Proof of shipping or delivery' receipts will not be sufficient in the event of an item not arriving, getting lost, or a scam of any type.

Insurance will not cover you if the item is delivered. It only works if the item is lost or damaged.
If a buyer files a dispute/chargeback against you because the item was not received, insurance will cover you IF the item was NOT delivered.
*If a credit card chargeback is filed against you because you shipped to an unconfirmed address, or scammer you will not be covered by insurance. *

Global Priority Mail, while NORMALLY very reliable is NOT SUFFICIENT for a PayPal chargeback as delivery confirmation or a fully trackable method.

Sellers need to know that GPM is usually a fine, inexpensive and reliable way to ship, but just because a whole bunch of people use it with no ill are NOT PROTECTED, and you are taking a RISK using it, for sale and chargeback purposes for ANY reason whatsoever! KNOW THE RISK UPFRONT!


The only safe method for a local pick-up is cash.
If a buyer does local pick-up you will not be covered by any online payment processor if they choose to file. It does not matter if you get them to sign a piece of paper, take a photo of them receiving the item etc. You will not be protected. If you accept money orders, checks etc for pick-ups you are also susceptible to fraudulent money orders, bounced checks and more. Also if the transaction is through eBay the buyer can file a item not received claim through eBay and if you cannot provide tracking you will lose that claim.


While it is acceptable to mark an item as a gift for international buyers, UNDERVALUING the item for the purpose of the buyer avoiding their own countries customs fees, CAN get the seller into a situation where they are FINED HEAVILY, (up to $5000.00) and then put on a shippers BLACKLIST, whereby any package they send in the future will take much longer!

Undervaluing an item will also void International Express insurance. U-Pic and other 3rd party insurance companies notwithstanding.

As a seller, CONSIDER do you need to make an international sale SO MUCH that you will personally risk a huge fine for devaluing a package for a buyer that is a stranger to you?

For me, Should international buyers want an item badly, they can comply with the stipulations I set forth as a seller, or they could always pay retail in their own country.

***Please Know if you choose to take a RISK! You are risking not only losing the money but your item as well! That becomes a DOUBLE LOSS!***

by Mike & Joan

I wrote a Canadian buyer/seller shipping info thing. If the mods on the forum want to use it they are welcome to. This is from user tsukasa!!! Thanks!!!

Canada to Canada
-Lettermail (1g-500g) does not include delivery confirmation or insurance and is not recommended. You can make it registered lettermail for an additional 6.95, which gives you delivery confirmation, $100 insurance and signiature. Maximum Dimentions: 380 mm x 270 mm x 20 mm
-$100 insurance included
-Delivery Comfirmation (Tracking) included on all options below.
-No additional taxes/duties (You will be charged GST for sure, and PST/HST if you buy from an online store located in your Province)

Regular Parcel
-Most affordable
-1to3 days locally, 4to6days regionally, 5to10days nationally to major cities
-Rates: $7-12CAD
-Signiature $1.50 extra

-Faster than Regular Parcel
-On time Guarantee
-Next day locally and regionally, 2 days nationally to major cities
-Rates: $9-20CAD (estimation for a pair of jeans)
-Signiature $1.50 extra
-Prepaid envelope rates:
__-Regional (Western(BC,AB,MN,SK,Western ON), Central(QB,ON), Atlantic(NFL,PEI,NB,NS))
___-Standard:6.99 Letter:8.49 Pack:9.49
__-National: Standard:10.49 Letter:11.49 Pack:17.99
-Prepaid bubble envelope rates:
__-Regional: Standard:7.49 Pack:9.99
__-National: Standard:11.49 Pack:18.49

Priority Courier
-Fastest Service
-Next Day Nationally
-Rates: $15-35CAD (estimation for a pair of jeans)
-Signiature Included

For additional information on rates, delivery standards and so on, please visit Canada Post

Canada to USA
-Small Packets (1g-1kg) do not have a delivery comfirmation (Tracking) option, and are not advised. Air 4-10days shipping, Ground 6-12days shipping. $100CAD insurance included
-Light Packets (1g-500g) do not have delivery comfirmation or insurance, and is not advised. 4-10days shipping period. Maximum dimenstions for Light Packet: 380 mm x 270 mm x 20 mm.
-Insurance up to $100CAD is included, additional insurance is extra
-Delivery Comfirmation included in all options below

Expedited Parcel - USA
-Most economical
-6 to 12 business days between major Canadian cities to major USA cities
-Rates: $12-15CAD (estimation for a pair of jeans)
-Signiature n/a

Xpresspost - USA
-On time guarantee
-3 to 5 days between major Canadian cities to major USA cities
-Rates: $20-25 (estimation for a pair of jeans)
-Prepaid envelope rates: Standard:11.40 Letter:14.75
-Signiature: n/a

Purolator International
-Very expensive, but fast
-Next day AM to many locations in the USA
-Rates: $60CAD+ (estimation for a pair of jeans)
-Signiature: included

USA to Canada Taxes/Duties/Fees
-Nothing is guaranteed below. Some packages may get dinged if in the threshold, while some above the threshold may pass. Use this as a guideline only.

-Commercial packages $20CAD and below [No taxes/no duties/no fees]
-Commercial packages above $20CAD [local taxes**/no duties/fees*]
-Gift packages $60CAD and below [No taxes/no duties/no fees]
-Gift packages above $60CAD [local taxes**/no duties/fees*]
__ -Value accessed will be: Value Declared - $60CAD

-Shipped with USPS [$5CAD]
-Shipped with UPS [here] (highest fees, not recommended)
-Shipped with Fedex [here]

**Local Taxes
-Local taxes include GST (7%) plus your local PST/HST

-If you are charged the incorrect taxes and/or duties, you can fill out the form on the back of the customs sheet, or use this one. Follow the instructions. Reply for more evidence or a cheque will arrive in around 2 months time.

For additional information on rates, delivery standards and so on, please visit Canada Post
__________________________________________________ ______

Canada to International
-Shipping internationally from Canada is expensive.
-The cheapest method is Small Packet Surface, but this does not include Delivery Comfirmation and can take up to 4-6 weeks. Not recommended.
-The cheapest method that is faster is Small Packet International Air, but this also does not include Delivery Comfirmation but delivery time is around 6-10 business days. Not recommended.
-Insurance up to $100 is included, additional insurance is extra
-Delivery Comfirmation included in all options below

Xpresspost International
-4 to 7 business days delivery time to most destinations.
-On time guarantee
-Rates: $50CAD+ (estimation for a pair of jeans)
-Signiature avaliable for a fee to some destinations

Purolator International
-2 to 4 business days
-On time guarantee
-Rates: $80CAD+ (estimation for a pair of jeans)
-Signiature included

International to Canada Taxes/Duties/Fees
-Nothing is guaranteed below. Some packages may get dinged if in the threshold, while some above the threshold may pass. Use this as a guideline only.

-Commercial packages $20CAD and below [no taxes/no duties/no fees]
-Commercial packages above $20CAD [local taxes**/duties†/fees*]
-Gift packages $60CAD and below [no taxes/no duties/no fees]
-Gift packages above $60CAD [local taxes**/duties†/fees*]
__-Value accessed will be: Value Declared - $60CAD

-Shipped with local governement post [$5CAD]
-Shipped with UPS [here] (highest fees, not recommended)
-Shipped with Fedex [here]

**Local Taxes
-Local taxes include GST (7%) plus your local PST/HST

†Duties (please use this as a guide only)
-Any item with Canada/USA origins 0%
-Non Leather Clothing 16-18%
-Leather Clothing 13%
-Leather Goods (wallets, purses, belts etc.) 8-11%
-Fur Gloves (or gloves with fur lining) 14-15.5%
-Other Fur apparel 8%
-Most Shoes 16-20%

-If you are charged the incorrect taxes and/or duties, you can fill out the form on the back of the customs sheet, or use this one. Follow the instructions. Reply for more evidence or a cheque will arrive in around 2 months time.

For additional information on rates, delivery standards and so on, please visit Canada Post
__________________________________________________ ________

This is a wonderful article about forging customs forms from Free news and resources for online auction users . It includes detailed info about lots of topics and includes info about the fines associated with this crime.

When a Gift is Not a Gift: How (not) to fill out a customs form

Check out the article but I would like to include this part of the article here:

Any person who knowingly submits false or misleading export information through the Shippers Export Declaration (SED) (or any successor document) shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $10,000 per violation or imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or both. Source: U.S. Code: Title 13 : Section 305 FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code.

Maybe this info will help some people who choose to lie on the forms figure out that its just not worth it!

In addition to the info provided above:

This is the correct way to fill out a customs form for something you have sold:

On the white 2976-A form check the Merchandise box. You don't need to fill out any other info i.e. For Commercial Senders Only and License, Certificate & invoice #'s.

If you ship using paypal you need use the drop down Category Of Item tab. Select the Other option. In the additional comments put merchandise.
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by the way this is my personal text that I posted on HF. I would like to share it here too.
CONSIGN WITH TREASUREHOARD - Free Pick-Up/Shipping - Low Rates No Fees - PM for details
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Thanks to Pam, Joan, and MIKE (among others) for providing us with all this amazing info!!!!! You guys rock!
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