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Paige Jeans Paige Premium Denim lovers, a section just for you. Paige Jeans by Paige Adams-Geller.

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Old 06-03-2006, 08:55 PM
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Real VS. Fake Paige and Tips to Help YOU See the Difference!

***Please note that this sticky is still currently a work-in-progress, but still has plenty of useful information! I will continue to work on it until it is finished!***

Wash and Denim Quality

should be smooth looking, not grainy as you will see in below pictures. Paige washes are very smooth, and the fading is very gradual. They will not look extreme like many Rock & Republic washes, and the wash will not be grainy. The quality of Paige is very good. They are thick, not thin and paper-like. There are few washes which are an exception to this rule, but the denim should still not feel cheap or rough. It should be very soft and smooth.

This is a picture of a real pair of Paige. Notice the smooth lines and fading on the wash, the gentle whiskering, etc.

This is a picture of a counterfeit pair of Paige. These are supposed to be Melrose Dark Resin Rinse - this is one of the most commonly faked pairs. Notice that the wash is NOT smooth like the above, it is very pixelated and grainy looking. This is the counterfeit version of the picture right above it. The difference will hopefully be very clear.


On a real pair of Paige, the waistband should not wrinkle up. The denim is thick enough that this is not likely to happen at all.

A picture of a real waistband.

(need pic)

A picture of a counterfeit waistband.

Coin Pocket

The coin pocket should take up most of the left pocket (if you are looking at the jeans). It should be the same way for all styles.

This is a picture of a real coin pocket.

(insert fake pic)

This is a picture of a counterfeit coin pocket.

Leather Waistband Tag

The leather tag on the right side of the back waistband should have a small leather tag. It should look leathery, feel soft, have rough edges. Inside it should say 'premium denim' in very small, embossed letters. They are not very noticeable, and should not stand out. The edges outside the sewed part should be curved in various places. It should not look like a piece of plastic, and the edges should not be perfect and cut looking. On the P on paige, the tail of the P should go over the stitching lines, and wrap around the rough edges of the leather. It should not end before the leather ends. The very last stitch on the E of Paige should be larger than all the other stiches. That stitch is not uniform in size to the other stitches. Also, I have never seen a real pair of Paiges where there are two lines of stitching at the upper left hand corner of the leather tag. The dot of the 'i' in Paige should not be connected to the line of the 'i'. The tail of the 'g' in paige should not curve up at the very end, it should stay flat along the stitching in the bottom left hand corner of the leather.

This is a picture of a real leather waistband tag.

Here I am trying to show the the way the tail of the P on Paige wraps around the edge of the tag. Sorry, this was the best one I could get. Notice the speckle of light towards the bottom of the tag - that's the stitching.

This is a picture of a fake waistband tag.

Inside Tag

The main inside tag (matte brown) should have the Paige Premium Denim logo. The p in premium will start right at the curve of the of the g (the stitching changes when it enters the curve and the 'p' is exactly on level with the curve). The dot of the 'i' in paige is not right above it, it is slightly off to the side. The words 'premium denim' are evenly spaced out. The words in each line of the tag should be completely level. A big indicator is the zeros. In the fakes, the zeros will be rounded, whereas in a real pair they are basically a rectangle with round edges. On the fabric content, the two t's in cotton should be connected, ending very slightly after the vertical part of the second T. Some tags underneath the RN # will also have a CA#. This number is generally used for jeans bought/sold in Canada, but some have been known to show up in American retail stores, as well.

This is a picture of an authentic inside tag.

This is a picture of an authentic tag with a CA# below the RN#.

This is a picture of a counterfeit inside tag.

Inner Waistband Tag

This the tag in the center of the inside of the waistband. It should have gentle, smooth curvy edges and should only be sewn on the two short sides with a light pink thread. In darker washes, the ink may rub off onto the stitching giving it a darker pinkish color. This is where the size tag will be found as well.

real waistband tag

fake waistband tag

Things to Avoid

1. Sellers who are selling multiple items that are the exact same, and using the same photos for all.
2. Sellers who are using stock photos for all their listings.
3. The tag pictured below (have NEVER seen a real pair with it).


In creased jeans, the crease should not look like a white pencil was drawn down the leg. More or less, it should look like a something took a big, thick white crayon and drew very lightly down the center of the jeans.

(real picture)

That is a picture of a real crease.

(pic needed)

This is an example of a fake crease.

Front Button

A real button is thick. It should be 1/8 of an inch (3 mm) thick. Some are thinner (med. clean pico crops comes to mind) but they are still thick--never as thin as Seven buttons. They come in two forms; matte and letters not filled in, and shiny with letters filled in. Around the edges should be slightly darker than the rest of the button. The back of the button should say premium denim, and should correspond in matte/shiny/filled in/not filled in to the button.

This is an example of a matte, non-filled in button.

This is an example of the backside of a matte, non-filled in button.

This is an example of a shiny, filled in button.

This is an example of the backside of a shiny, filled in button.


Again, I have yet to see fake rivets. Rivets are the opposite of the buttons. They say premium denim on the outside and Paige on the inside. They are the same as the buttons in that the matte/shiny -ness corresopnds to the buttons.

This is an example of the front of a real matte rivet.

This is an example of the back of a real matte rivet.

This is an example of the front of a real shiny rivet.

This is an example of the back of a real shiny rivet.

Commonly faked cuts and washes:

Dark Resin
Midnight Rocker

Laurel Canyon
Medium Clean Vintage Lace pockets
Light Destruction
Lagoon Mosaic pockets

Benedict Canyon

Tuscan Las Flores
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Old 11-13-2006, 07:53 PM
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Here's a pic of a fake Paige logo inside the jeans compared to the authentic one missmk posted above. Notice how it's sewn on all around instead of being sewn on just the ends with pink thread. Also the brown color that's trimming the logo is much darker on the fake than on a real Paige tag.

*Wishlist complete* (for now... )

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Old 12-17-2008, 12:50 AM
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A lot of the pictures no longer show up. Not for me, at least
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Old 01-21-2009, 04:34 PM
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is it just my monitor, or are there no pics?
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Old 01-27-2009, 01:29 PM
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I don't see pics either
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Old 01-27-2009, 03:02 PM
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i see about half of them
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Old 09-19-2009, 10:56 AM
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This is a great guide, ty!
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Old 12-01-2009, 10:13 PM
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I hope it's okay to post a question in this thread, if not I'm sorry and please delete!
The new pair of Paiges I ordered (from have a black leather label (McKinley wash) and the bottom of the P does NOT wrap around the edge of the label. Is this a new thing or are the black labels different than the tan ones?
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