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MBT Tunisha T-Mobile finally gets the iPhone

iPhone 5 lands on T-Mobile's 4G LTE networkT-Mobile USA will offer the iPhone on its network at long last.The company announced the news at its "Uncarrier" event in New York today. T-Mobile will begin selling the iPhone 5 on April 12 for a $99.99 down payment, and also will offer the iPhone 5 without a contract. Customers who want to finance the phone will pay $20 a month for 24 months. CEO John Legere emphasized that with T-Mobile's new rate plans and the cost of the device,MBT Tunisha, consumers will save more than $1,000 on the iPhone 5 compared to owning the same device over two years on AT&T's network. T-Mobile will offer previous iPhone models on its network, such as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 will also operate over T-Mobile's 4G LTE network.Related stories:T-Mobile launches 4G LTE network T-Mobile finally gets the iPhone T-Mobile's new contractless data plan explained (FAQ) Samsung Galaxy S4 comes to T-Mobile May 1 6 celebrated T-Mobile phones T-Mobile announces Sonic 2.0 4G LTE mobile hot spot Three T-Mobile phones worth waiting for (roundup) T-Mobile versus Verizon: How the plans stack up How to use an AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile's no-contract network T-Mobile kills off the wireless contractCNET reported Monday that an iPhone announcement was expected. T-Mobile is the last of the major carriers to get the iPhone on its network. The company is hoping that adding the iPhone will improve customer retention.For years, T-Mobile steadily has been losing customers as its much bigger rivals AT&T and Verizon Wireless have been gaining new customers. While T-Mobile has never offered the iPhone officially in the past,MBT zapatos para hombre, millions of T-Mobile customers use unlocked iPhones on the company's network. The devices, however,Mujeres Abercrombie vestido, do not perform as well as those using AT&T's network. The main reason: AT&T and T-Mobile use different radio frequencies for their 3G and HSPA+ networks. To that end, T-Mobile is in the midst of a major network upgrade,MBT Voi, aligning its frequencies for 3G and HSPA+ service with those of AT&T. What this means for T-Mobile users is that 3G and HSPA+ devices made for AT&T should be able to get top speeds in markets where the network migration is complete.The iPhone is now in T-Mobile's hands, and plans. (Credit:Lori GruninCNET)T-Mobile also announced the launch of its new 4G LTE network at today's event. While AT&T uses a different frequency than T-Mobile for the bulk of its LTE network, AT&T uses some AWS spectrum for LTE. As a result,Mujeres Abercrombie Zapatillas, devices, such as the iPhone 5, that support LTE for AT&T's network also include radios that are compatible with AWS spectrum,MBT Nuevos zapatosde mayo, which is the type of wireless spectrum that T-Mobile is using for its LTE network. This means that LTE devices -- like the iPhone 5, the BlackBerry Z10, and the recently LTE-upgraded Galaxy Note 2 -- should work at top speed on T-Mobile's LTE network.To follow all the news at T-Mobile's "Uncarrier" event, check out CNET's live blog.

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