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Old 11-13-2010, 07:03 PM
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Advice for low thyroid diagnosis?

I have been super ill lately, and have been stuck in bed for the most part for the last three weeks. I have been diagnosed with low thyroid (which runs in my family), but I also suspect GI issues (unless they are directly related to the thyroid problem). My doctor *sucks*, and is so SLOW about getting me treated and fully diagnosed. I came in with a list of symptoms that I have been experiencing, which have become debilitating. I get some lab work which shows low thyroid, but then she makes me wait two weeks for a follow up.. .. ??

I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. If anyone has advice, or can point me in the direction of some good books or websites for more information, I would so appreciate it. My husband and I are looking for a better doctor, but I like to be empowered in regards to my health care--I don't like being told to take a pill--do what I'm told--with no questions asked (some doctors really like to operate this way ).

Thanks everyone!!
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Old 11-29-2010, 07:09 PM
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There was a discussion here that might be helpful.
I have it too.

I hope your doc gets on the ball and you feel better soon.

FWIW, most of the people I've known with hypothyroid were not acutely ill/bedridden. I hope your doc is not putting your major sickness on the back burner, just the thyroid? Thyroid balancing is kind of slow and involves trial and error, regardless of what drugs/lifestyle changes you try, but you shouldn't be that ill during it.

Good luck and hope you feel better.
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Old 12-22-2010, 09:36 PM
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I've had thyroid problems my whole life. It's a very complicated and, as yet, little understood field. I was put on Synthroid when I was in middle school, due to my weight issues and my moderately low TSH, but all this did for me was make my imbalance worse. I eventually weighed almost 400 lbs (at 5'1", ow) due to my thyroid, as my one doctor put it, being "psycho." In July of '09, I was finally referred to a doctor that specializes in non-surgical bariatic wellness (i.e. non-surgical weight loss) and have since lost 175 lbs. and gone from a size women's 30 to a 16...

The solution for me was a switch from Synthroid to Armour, as the thread Cowgirl linked to you touched on as well. But this isn't a solution for everyone. My specific problem was not my TSH or circulating T3 but my Reverse T3 being incredibly high. Very few doctors will ever test for, or understand the results for RT3 and to be perfectly honest I can't even find very much legitimate info on it in medical journals and such (I work at a library, so I can get access to some.. they're just such dense reading to sort through most of the time). I'm just thankful that the Armour has helped.

But the important thing to remember is that everyone is different and what doctors sometimes seem to lose focus on is that the goal of treatment is not to make blood test numbers look nice, it's to make you feel better. My TSH numbers were near normal, but I still was getting basically no usable thyroid at the tissue level. So if you're not feeling better, do some research and read up with the intent of going to your doctor with a list of questions to discuss. If you're like me, write them down so you don't forget. :P

I would look into Synthroid vs. Armour (or other dessicated thyroids, I'm blanking on the name of the other popular non-synthetic brand) to discuss as well as Iodine as a supplement to support thyroid function (especially if you don't use iodized table salt often). These are often considered alternative medicine solutions so some doctors might not like them much, but are coming back in vogue now that doctors are realizing the synthetics aren't always a good solution. You may also want to ask if your metabolic panel blood work showed all the thyroid hormones or just TSH, and look up some info on TSH as a diagnostic tool.

If you aren't satisfied with your treatment, see if you can get a referral to a good endocrinologist who can look at your history and will hopefully be more familiar with treatment options. It really is a trial-and-error system so often.

I also agree with Cowgirl in that being bedridden sounds pretty severe for thyroid as a sole problem. I really hope there's not something else going on too...
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Old 01-03-2012, 02:50 AM
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Thank you so much for your post.
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Old 01-03-2012, 06:48 AM
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I also have hypothyroid

Are you seeing an endocronologist or reg dr? Approximately six months after my son was born (he was 9lb 6 oz), I started having insomnia, freezing cold, exhausted needing to sleep all the time, my skin and hair was really dry and dull and horrible joint pain everywhere. Initially I lost some weight and went about 5 lbs below pre pregnancy weight but did not think much of it since I was nursing.
My symptoms got so bad to the point I could not bend down to put shoes on and I was so swollen I could not get my wedding rings on (a first for me ever). I went to the dr who tested me for lupus, arthritus, lymes disease and many other illnesses all came out fine no prob. I went back again many tests all came out fine again. The third trip to the dr and I asked for a thyroid test a friend had suggested. Sure enough hypothyroid. I was glad I had no other illnesses but upset by the thyroid diagnosis since automatically I think of weight gain. I ended up gaining about 5lb but I am 5 foot 2 so that is alot of weight on me.
Please hang in there it is frustrating and you have to have patience. I am on synthroid and will have to always take it but a few years later, I feel wonderful and can't really tell I have hypothyroid. I have always been a health nut so I pretty much eat like I did before.

I would suggest possibly seeing a nutritionist as well. This can help you mentally if weight gaining or losing is a concern for you. Exercise is very helpful also! Please know you are not alone.

Feel free to message me if you like. You will have to be patient until you have the right level of meds and you start physically feeling better. Hypothyroid is very under diagnosed and can cause many symptoms that mirror other illnesses.
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Old 01-31-2012, 08:57 PM
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i am a thyroid patient too and in prgnancy my thyroid levels hv. come low several times but i followed my medication and now i'm a mother of 2 yrs old healthy son.
well all u need to do is follow ur doctor,have medicines on time .
everyone is Angel~~~
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Old 05-09-2012, 06:27 PM
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helpful, thanks you guys
I care!
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