: Celebrity Gossip

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  1. Mariah scares me..
  2. the Authentic Celebs thread!
  3. Paris Hilton's Clothing Line...
  4. Nick/Vanessa NEKKED!
  5. Heidi Montag's Singing Career?
  6. Britney is back...
  7. mary-kate's new movie
  8. Photoshop fun!
  9. the lost boys 2
  10. christina aguilera is so cute
  11. Ordinary Stars...
  12. Colin Farrell to be a Dad AGAIN!
  13. Funny music video
  14. Ya'll, it's on now. . . .K-Fed files for custody!
  15. Anyone watch BBC special on Victoria Beckham?
  16. Britney Spears Hits Parked Car *RANT*
  17. Spencer/Heidi VS. LC
  18. Anyone watch that new show "Damages" on FX?
  19. Anyone watching A Model Life on TLC?
  20. Did Heidi Klum have some work done???
  21. LA INK is the SHIT!! *Kat Von D*
  22. Kimora's a BICTH!
  23. Faith Hill gets mad
  24. Paris hiltons new surfer dude, Hot or Not?
  25. Mena Suvari bald!
  26. Whats happend to george clooney???
  27. Lindsay: "I just want to be nominated for an award for all the work Iíve done."
  28. Lindsay Lohan!!!
  29. Love Hewitt in UNFLATTERING clothes!
  30. Wait, I'm confused... did he just get 90 days for killing someone??
  31. Shaq's Big Challenge
  32. Britney says "i'm gonna kill you"
  33. Paris Hilton 20 years later....
  34. Its been confirmed! She IS pregnant.
  35. This is one reason why I don't like Angelina...
  36. just when you thought it couldnt get any worse...
  37. Dr. 90210!! :)
  38. Sunset (fake) tan
  39. zsa zsa's hubby found naked
  40. Nicole goes to jail
  41. jlo in sevens..not too hot?
  42. Beyonce bites it big time at a concert
  43. Room 401
  44. The two coreys????
  45. I am SO buying OK! magazine this week, lol
  46. Lindsay Lohan busted for DUI and Cocaine AGAIN last night!
  47. New Price is Right host come on down!
  48. Alicia Keys without braids is so gorgeous!
  49. Britney's making her come back video
  50. Heidi Klum in waaaay to big 7's
  51. rock and republic on dvb
  52. more paris stuff
  53. Lindsay's alcohol monitoring bracelet
  54. VB's show is airing again on NBC Thursday!!
  55. Did anyone watch the new trainwreck dating show "Rock of Love" on VH1?
  56. LL is out
  57. Photo touch-up on redbook
  58. Chelsea Handler's new show debuts TONITE!!!
  59. Who's excited for Victoria Beckham's reality show??
  60. Check out the rise on these suckers!
  61. Guess who is coming out with their own line of denim?
  62. Cute story about James Blunt
  63. The Simpsons
  64. Did Paris Hilton get a boob job??
  65. Jessica Simpson in WR
  66. Jennifer Garner in some A's!
  68. Sex and the City Movie!!
  69. Why oh why can't she just hem them?
  70. Xtina Xpecting
  71. Nicole Richie preggers!
  72. Goldman family buys rights to OJ's book
  73. MindFreak
  74. lindsay lohan 6 weeks pregnant?
  75. Celebrity Sightings!!!
  76. 2 Workers die after a Rolling Stones concert
  77. What do you say britney spears wanna destroy her fame?
  78. Paris on Larry King
  79. The Spice Girls are back
  80. model with no belly button
  81. Liz Claiborne dies at 78
  82. Young & the Restless! *NICK IS BACK HOME*
  83. tom sizemore in jail
  84. Britney Spears using R&R jeans to over her...
  85. Kim KardASSian
  86. It's Me or the Dog
  87. She's out. . .
  88. WWE Wrestler and Family Found Dead :(
  89. Arrested Development
  90. Sunset Tan
  91. Eddie Murphy's the dad!
  92. even celeb moms get cheese!
  93. dress eva mendes is wearing
  94. Suri Cruise is ADORABLE *awwwwwwwww!*
  95. Flight of the Conchords
  96. Lohan cancels her 21st birthday party @ pure
  97. William & Harry interview
  98. Little People, Big World
  99. OMG, it doesn't end with jeans
  100. Ice Road Truckers
  101. Makin the Band 4
  102. New Paris Hilton video
  103. flavor flav
  104. Guess who is supposedly knocked up with K-Fed's baby?
  105. Frankie from Real World San Diego dies :(
  106. miss hilton makes a collect call... to barbara walters!
  107. ciara wearing highwaist jeans
  108. michael jackson!
  109. Whatever Happened to Arsenio Hall?
  110. Paris back to jail!!
  111. Paris Hilton ordered back to jail!
  112. Paris RELEASED from Jail
  113. New Photos of Linsey surfaces..oh brother
  114. Is it bad...
  115. akon's a douche
  117. Paris in Jail
  118. Creature Comforts
  119. Sarah Silverman making fun of Paris Hilton
  120. A new reality show where the losers die!
  121. rob and big
  122. Any "Jericho" fans out there?
  123. STRAY ROD?
  124. Who watches days of our lives?
  125. lindsay fuc#ed up pics
  126. Robert Rainford, will you marry me?
  127. Nicole Richie back to the boney look...
  128. Lindsay Lohan charged with DUI
  129. Linds Lohan's THIRD DUI
  130. Sarah Jessica Parker. Bitten.
  131. So You Think You Can.....
  132. Dumb Heidi from "The Hills" got engaged to her loser
  133. Anyone watch ER?
  134. Lost
  135. One Tree Hill Renewed!
  136. Drive
  137. Heroes!
  138. the simpsons 400th episode
  139. Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  140. I'm seriously about to throw my TV out the window...
  141. OK- Someone tell me about Scrubs tonight.
  142. Rascal Flatts at the ACM Awards......
  143. Warhol painting worth $385 million!!!!
  144. You've GOT to be kidding. Guess who's sentence was halved.
  145. R. Kelly lives in la la land...
  146. anna nicole's will released
  147. Lindsay Lohan #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 List
  148. Desperate Housewives
  149. Mom jean alert!
  150. an ex-convict tries to straighten lindsay lohan: yea nail her in the butt!
  151. Britney. . .What. The. Fuck. ARE YOU THINKING?
  152. Poor poor David Hasselhoff
  153. one leg that a dog would not hump
  154. OJ Simpson kicked out of restaurant!
  155. Cate Blanchett needs to eat!
  156. Kenny Chesney
  157. Miami Ink
  158. Why does Jessica Simpson look like...
  159. Guess who got a DUI?
  160. lindsay snorting all sorts of good stuff
  161. The Queen, K-Fed, and Larry Birkhead????
  162. Paris Hilton sent to jail!
  163. scrubs was sad last night
  164. Michael Jackson morphing video
  165. What if your favorite actress pulled a Britney?
  166. Check out the Hoff wasted!
  167. Now THIS is a transformation
  168. I need to express how much I hate...
  169. What the Hell. . .
  170. Y'all, this is gonna be GOOD!
  171. Check out the "classy" Hilton sister
  172. Anyone watch Close to Home?
  173. The POSITIVE Celeb Thread!
  174. Celebs without makeup
  175. Anyone donate to AI?
  176. Katie in LOCKDOWN?
  177. Now really, who would want to kill Hillary Duff???
  178. Rosie's leaving The View!
  179. How did Britney get bakc into shape so fast?
  180. Yet another celeb trying to make the high waisted jeans happen
  181. Shanna and Paris at it again!
  182. Omg Jason From Laguna Beach Is F'n Crazy!!!
  183. NWS tattooed and pierced granny
  184. Sanjaya goes to Washington. . .
  185. who's the cuter baby???????
  186. oif14 is digusting
  187. fosterzmom's MySpace hacked! LOL!
  188. The Paparazzi are good for something!
  189. Alec Baldwin- frustrated father or raging psychopath?
  190. can anyone tell me what shorts kate moss is wearing?
  191. Lindsay Lohan's MySpace hacked! LOL!
  192. Are Jakey poo and witherspoon really getting it on?
  193. Jessica Simpson has darned large tatas
  194. Paula Abdul is disgusting
  195. Agassi hit wife Stefi with his racket!!
  196. Dannielynn & Daddy
  197. jessica wears the high waist jeans too
  198. Color Splash with David Bromstad *True Religion spotting!!*
  199. Prince William and Kate Middleton breakup
  200. i dont think i like jeans whit a high waist
  201. General Hospital's Luke Spencer!!!
  202. Any Rachel Ray fans / haters out there?
  203. Top 10 butterfaces
  204. How I Met Your Mother - HILARIOUS Episode yesterday
  205. Tomorrow we shall finally know who's the daddy!
  206. Why I hate Tyra Banks...A discussion, not argument...
  207. the office
  208. tyra banks now and 10 years ago !!!!!!
  209. too much boobs ore a too small bikini?
  210. Alanis' new video
  211. Six Feet Under (not a spoiler)
  212. Jean Sighting in Blades of Glory!
  213. does ANYONE know this john mayer brand??
  214. Does anyone watch Nip/Tuck?
  215. tara reid in TR's
  216. haha...new granny celebrity
  217. Did Diddy get one of the Makin the Band girls preggers??
  218. Versace heir battling anorexia. . .
  219. Britney Beat Micheal Jackson!!
  220. calling all Gilmore Girls fans
  221. Courtney Love the new Nicole Richie?
  222. Poor Wynona Judd. . .
  223. purse ... help!
  224. what brand is halle wearing?
  225. Are you guys watching Dancing With the Stars?
  226. Does anyone watch / like "The Riches"?
  227. It's official; Anna Nicole died from a drug overdose!
  228. prison break update
  229. If you've got some free time....
  230. anna nicole's judge!!!
  231. Housewives of Orange County Denim Spotting
  232. lol, check this out "who's your daddy?"
  233. win your own 16 feet tall Mariah Carey legs replica
  234. brenda song shopping for r&r
  235. did paris get a boobjob?????
  236. i freaking love this GAP commercial!
  237. Search for the Next Pussycat Doll
  238. How HOT is wentworth in this picture....
  239. Salma Hayek Pregnant
  240. Remember John Popper from Blues Traveler?
  241. Re: Latest Idol castoffs
  242. America's Next Top Model..
  243. I saw Mariska Hargitay today!
  244. Anna Nicole's funeral
  245. Angelina adopting again!
  247. monica belucci in sevens!
  248. Britney's Lost Weekend
  249. Izzy's Leaving...
  250. Victoria Beckham's new hair. . .