: General Discussion

  1. Call me cheap but....
  2. what just happened?
  3. What kind of a case do I have (Traffic Court question)
  4. Ingwa; Melero.. anyone familier with their tops/dresses?
  5. do you all have bro's & sis' -- just curious :o)
  6. Re: Primp & Twisted Heart
  7. wiiners- runway store...
  8. Avocado Shake Recipe?
  9. Writing a letter to the editor
  10. Marshalls, tj maxx,ect..
  11. can someone approve me in the mall
  12. I'm craving ice cream
  13. What exactly is the obsession with all these jeans?
  14. Has anyone lost a friend to suicide?
  15. what to do ... =(
  16. Angry Roommate Story Grrrrrrrr
  17. When you look in the mirror....
  18. If you ship using flat rate envelopes...
  19. Hate Being Label!
  20. I need new shirts!
  21. What other websites do you frequent?
  22. lady i work w/ won the mega millions..........
  23. Hillary's Driver
  24. Can Anyone Else POOP On Me?????
  25. Calling all Doggie Experts!
  26. Need more help yall!!
  27. Yo happyfeet, check this Flash game out. Or anyone..this is the best Flash game ever!
  28. Has anyone ever flown on plane with dog?
  29. Happy Birthday ntegragsr93 !!!
  30. Need Japanese Help !!!
  31. I am obsessed...
  32. Purchasing from Canada.. question
  33. creative people...I need ideas!
  34. Ebay help please!
  35. Am I the only one? Admit your lack of sewing skills here!
  36. OMG...eBay auction
  37. high school chicks and drama
  38. where're my girls at? i need opinions on these shoes!
  39. Look what hubby got me for my B-day!
  40. Anyone been to National Jeans Company's web store?
  41. Award for fastest shipping
  42. Planning a trip to the rack...
  43. I shouldn't have read this...
  44. Puppies!!!!!!!!!!
  45. My mom wants to buy me a car...
  46. OMG OMG, Retin-A does NOT LIKE ME!!!
  47. my best deal ever!
  48. Today sucked
  49. George Carlin on Aging
  50. Recommendations for Men's Jeans Please!
  51. Taking in a sweater? Help me!
  52. does anyone want me to get them buy burberry stuff in outlet?
  53. Eww this guy was picking his nose in class!
  54. This girl needs help
  55. musing....
  56. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CCMAC & Cherokeesgirl!!
  57. This game is really quite awesome
  58. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  59. in between sizes?
  60. Help! Can't Eat!!!!!!!
  61. So...I hate student housing...
  62. The ?What Are You Saving For?? Thread
  63. What should I get?
  64. First time at an anime convention...
  65. Mommy and daddy use MSN!
  67. spent the last hour crying
  68. i think i should be...
  69. Gas problem in Canada
  70. Does anyone have a wireless laptop?
  71. We started the kitchen counter installation today and...
  72. A very dumb question on measuring jeans
  73. A Dogs Top 10 'Pet Peeves'
  74. When girls drink too much
  75. over 2 months and seller still hasn't sent me my items...
  76. Sniper Question...
  77. I think I'm about to cry.
  78. my first time clubbing =)
  79. classical music?
  80. In case you need something to wear on St. Patrick's Day...
  81. URGENT!!! Calling all NYC AFers!!!
  82. Addicted to e-mail
  83. SNOW DAY!
  84. The Black Donnellys
  85. Horse People on AF
  86. isn't it great. . .
  87. LEGOS
  88. $39 CDN customs?
  89. Af March (jeans) Madness Contest
  90. Somebody PM me...
  91. Your experiences returning non-authentic jeans...
  92. Gasoline Shortage. .. .
  93. Funny proverbs quiz answers by 1st graders
  94. Question for everyone...
  95. My daughter just peed...
  96. What would you do?
  97. How do i change the words in a url?
  98. Very bad weather down South...
  99. i decided to make my own prom dress
  100. Ideas on sandals to wear with shorts?
  101. How does your university let you sign up for classes?
  102. Some Disheartening News
  103. Going to Dallas
  104. Any other teachers testing this week?
  105. I am sooo insanely stupid
  106. Students will appreciate this!
  107. omg my friend sent me the funniest/grossest email
  108. Taxes always make me cry.
  109. Jesus and Satan on the computer
  110. Anyone remember...
  111. My First baby filly { horse } born Of the year what you think of her :)
  112. So I know this has probably been asked a million times - ebay question
  113. Ugh, I'm so annoyed right now!
  114. It's Snowing in Seattle!
  115. how would you feel if your _____ joined AF
  116. Ebay help!
  117. returning something to seller
  118. Could you pass the US Citizenship Test?
  119. 2 new MUST HAVE DRUGS!!
  120. Another mall question...
  121. RRRRRRRRRRRRRoll up the RRRRRRRRim to win!
  122. E-bay ?, Finding Seller info
  123. I am not smarter than a 5th Grader
  124. Editing posts...
  125. Quitting smoking update!
  126. Happy Birthday Justchar!!
  127. Frye Boots arrived!
  128. What exactly is a confirmed address?
  129. I never want to have to go to a hospital as a patient!
  130. Shipping from Canada
  131. does anyone remember a thread from a couple months ago?
  132. Buying from UK sellers-Question
  133. So my boyfriend got into a "car accident"
  134. Interesting Facts
  135. Very Interesting Trip
  136. Arkansas is Representin'
  137. Do you ever get sick of your SO/DH/BF?
  138. Girls Kicked Out of Sorority
  139. AF's official "BEST POST" quote thread!!
  140. Canceling a refund?
  141. What Was Your First Job and How Much Did It Pay?
  142. guys, i'm jumping on the rehab bandwagon...
  143. Anyone speak or read German?
  144. Is anyone familiar with php, mySQL, or Flash?
  145. Off Fifth Question
  146. You really needed to know that. . .
  147. HELP!!! I Need these Shoes!
  148. Polyester not Satin (item not as described) - partial refund?
  149. Seanmichael-Can you please Stop Authenticating?
  150. 4 You
  151. The Great Philisophical Question Thread
  152. Should I leave negative feedback?
  153. Ebay - has this happened to anyone else?
  154. my lunch break
  155. Jean opinions needed
  156. My brain hurts
  157. the reflex tester game
  158. help please!
  159. When do you tell the truth?
  160. ugh i hate being sick!
  161. opinions on shirt brands
  162. Anyone a memeber of the purse forum?
  163. worst haircut?
  164. paypal shipping?
  165. Need help from all AF Members...
  166. It's Oscar time! YAY!
  167. Help w/ posting!
  168. Anyone HATE painting!!
  169. ok need help...just sold my first item on ebay
  170. Anyone else LOVE Gogol Bordello/gypsy punk in general?
  171. my dad was released from hospital
  172. I need new shoes/ sandals
  173. BIG FAT flakes!!!
  174. my bf`s car got stolen =(
  175. loser...
  176. Happy Birthday, MntMom!!
  177. What happens when you report an auction?
  178. Thread question, i couldnt find this in the rules
  179. I need friends!
  180. Help with a vintage Beatles hanger
  181. grrrr paypal probs again........
  182. frankie b authentic sellers??
  183. got damaged jeans in the mail today
  184. I just had the best week ever
  185. hair cut/style?
  186. Redneck Invasion: Orange, New Jersey
  187. My dad was mugged today
  188. Fo everybody that love D.C.
  189. When spotting fakes in a retail store..
  190. Good used book sellers on eBay?
  191. Anyone own Ugg Locarno?
  192. Shelley clear your inbox!!
  193. my family is on a board. literally
  194. A buyer for my jeans...he has me confused!
  195. My busy day....a dog story
  196. EMS Rant
  197. African American AF members can you help a grad student out?
  198. Almost T Shirt weather
  199. Any one listen to Christian Rock I seen Mercy Me Last Night
  200. Shipping to unconfirmed address?
  201. how long?
  202. Heroic Dog
  203. Does anyone know how much is costs to have a baby?
  204. need moderator help please
  205. bidpay vs. paypal
  206. Young Snape & Marauders
  207. 5 year old killed in parade....
  208. I cannot look away
  209. Help!
  210. crazy dream involving designer denim and.....
  211. Please complete my survey!
  212. weird hip and waist measurements?
  213. First Ebay purchase?
  214. This or That?
  215. How to deal with stress (AKA Me venting)
  216. iluvshopin
  217. Selling in the mall
  218. Anyone watch Lost?
  219. This Man is going to give me PAIN!
  220. ladies.. need advice! purse or jeans?
  221. Mike & Chris Kyle Scarf question...
  222. I have to confess...
  223. Yay! First ebay purchase ever- PURPLE FRYE BOOTS!
  224. Question for the guys, and girls too I guess..
  225. thoughts/prayers please
  226. Wendy's commercial
  227. another sniper question
  228. 502nd post
  229. Hebrew Alphabet
  230. just a reminder... it's ash wednesday!
  231. Scrapbooking
  232. Toddler True Religion and Seven for All Mankind.....
  233. What's the longest you've waited for shipping?
  234. first item for sale on ebay
  235. Bought a fake chloe, seller is a pain. :[
  236. What do you ladies think of this handbag?
  237. New jobs/ credit checks
  238. Jean Seller on Myspace......
  239. Headlines from 2029
  240. Anyone know any good fashion websites/blogs?
  241. I teared up in the skytrain on my way to school today..
  242. MRI
  243. Measurements
  244. anyone else...
  245. do i need these (m kors wedges)
  246. im really upset.
  247. It's my one-year anniversary.....
  248. Ohhh Nooo They Didnt!!!!
  249. should i lease, finance or just stick it out with my current car?
  250. Certain time to list ebay items?