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  1. Canadians: Do you find you receive items quicker through Priority or First-Class?
  2. Calling all techies! Scanner help pleeeze
  3. Need ebay advice about 0 feedback buyer
  4. how to proceed with claim?
  5. Jeans described nwot but 2 holes in back of jeans (not distress)
  6. Anybody have any luck getting dried paint off of jeans?
  7. Dumb guy question: How do you hem jeans where the hems have been stepped on to death?
  8. Got charged $236 on a $899 package by Canada Post
  9. Umm approx how long....
  10. HELP! 4GOT to purchase insurance when printing out label!
  11. UPS charging me brokerage after refusing package
  12. Best way to ship to Canada?
  13. Difference in USPS express and priority?
  14. Here is the situation..what are your thoughts?
  15. Quick question in regards to feedback :)
  16. Ebay Q: Curious about "lots" versus individual items
  17. I need help with shipping!
  18. Escalated dispute to claim - seller offered $4, is this for shipping back or a joke?
  19. Returning items via Ebay; Question about standard procedure?TIA
  20. Whose Responsibility To Get Insurance??
  21. What the hell does this mean? Paypal took back my money?
  22. Hemming...not using originals? TIA -SIA for being PITA
  23. General Question about fake stuff...
  24. General Question about ebay fakes and "proving" something is fake
  25. Printer is not working, shooting out blank pages. HELP!
  26. Question about Best offer -Ebay
  27. Reliable + authentic seller?
  28. Shipping to Germany, Unconfirmed address...
  29. How long is reasonable to wait for a member to decide if they want an item before...
  30. Paypal payment 'under review'?
  31. eBay/PayPal claim question
  32. Should I file a Dispute or wait ?
  33. Seems as Though Seller Lied....
  34. Paypal Protection for sellers
  35. Possible Non-Paying Bidder....What do I do?
  36. Bought 2 items with free shipping, seller later msges it was a mistake. what to do?
  37. Wrong item received question
  38. How much do 2 pairs of jeans weigh?
  39. Accepting money orders for eBay?
  40. APO shipping help please.
  41. How to Taper Jeans
  42. Ed Hardy site
  43. International Package Lost. What to do?
  44. Shipping to Germany? USPS Express International?
  45. Buyer from Canada bought, but I only ship in US. She rejected cancel transaction
  46. Ebay Settings Question
  47. What feedback to leave???
  48. ASOS return question
  49. A question about Custom Fees.... (Ebay)
  50. How about making a flash website for Authentic Forum
  51. tyvek envelope question
  52. How to return on Ebay?
  53. Question about AF Mall.... How to Pay and more
  54. A little help... i'm a new ebayer :(
  55. Selling over-declared price on customs form.
  56. Help! Canada post shipping label only printing "SAMPLE" label
  57. So mad....stupid sniper didn't work. :(
  58. Printed Shipping labels on wrong date!
  59. Cost of Priority Tyvek?
  60. Seller agreed to full refund, but only gave partial! He reversed the transaction....
  61. Item not recieved...
  62. Can I ship to Singapore using a Flat rate envelope?
  63. "I'm declining your offer to accept my bid" LOL
  64. so pissed at ebay frauds!
  65. Rule of thumb for best offers?
  66. boots to canada? help?
  67. I'm an ebay loser...venting.
  68. AF signature help??
  69. Seller shipped me the wrong item, and isn't responding to me.
  70. How do I cancel a bid?
  71. What is this?
  72. Does this transaction deserve a neutral?
  73. Dispute
  74. Is It True Ebay Change Shipping Policies After 22/09/09?
  75. Shipping to Germany - Exemption/Exclusion Legend? ETA: NVM! Answered my own question.
  76. What to do?
  77. So the seller just said that he's mailing me a check for SNAD claim...
  78. Can this hem be let out?
  79. how to post pics for an auth check from ebay.
  80. Question about paypal
  81. How long should I wait....
  82. Revolve Sample Size?
  83. Undeliverable as addressed
  84. How do you protect yourself in an eBay return? TIA!
  85. Jeans are fake - Seller wants back, who pays shipping?
  86. Help With A Pair Of Joe's Jeans:)!!
  87. Unknowingly bought stolen/lost phone thru ebay!!!!
  88. anyone from the US wanna get something for me from Gilt? :D
  89. Helpful Ebay guide for newbie sellers
  90. Craigslist transaction - shipping to her bf's address?
  91. Purse shipped in Tyvek, what would you do?
  92. Is delivery confirmation enough to ship to PO Box?
  93. Pre-Approved Bidders???? How do I do this?
  94. Dumb Ebay Question
  95. Ebay BUY IT NOW question
  96. Is Raro Tatto legit (TR)?
  97. mutliple shipments through paypal?
  98. How do I find the List 5 Free on Ebay?
  99. PayPal Dispute/Claim Questions.
  100. )=
  101. Shipping to Kazakhstan? Will USPS Express cover me?
  102. bitch buyer filing a reversal ?!
  103. Receiving a different item then listed
  104. Express shipping to france?
  105. Stupid buyer
  106. [QUESTION] Custom Fees from US to CANADA
  107. Buyer says item not received?!?!
  108. Need Help With PRPS Sizing - Skinny Dart - Women's
  109. Express International Flatrate cost
  110. unresponsive seller
  111. Best way to ship 3 pairs to Canada with tracking
  112. This thing called Paypal is still driving me crazy...
  113. when to panic? (another USPS question)
  114. How much is USPS Priority Shipping?
  115. Paypal payment delay?
  116. USPS Label Help
  117. I do not want to be a problem buyer help! *pics added* PAYPAL RULED !! TIA!
  118. Filed Unpaid Item Strike; what to do next?
  119. alturnitive auction sites
  120. Refunding process problem.
  121. PayPal asking to destroy item
  122. [QUESTION] Using debit for eBay/online purchases
  123. Tutorial: How to watermark your pics so that fake sellers don't steal!
  124. Item never arrived, seller refunded, & now opened an item not paid claim!
  125. WTH....Ebay ended All my new listing!
  126. How do you make CC the MAIN funding source with PP?
  127. International Shipping
  128. Can't get your shipping $$ back when you return SNAD, can you.
  129. eBay item issue... advice?
  130. Who's Responsibility?
  131. Question about second chance offer
  132. [QUESTION] Shipping through the boarder
  133. Delivery confirmation says "Delivered", Buyer says they haven't received item...
  134. When packages aren't delivered...
  135. Chargeback questions
  136. What to do? Paid for a fake!!
  137. Shipping to Hong Kong? (ebay buyer request)
  138. Paypal wants item sent back.
  139. Does anyone know how to file an NPS strike?
  140. No internet connection whatsoever, but the only site I can access is this one.
  141. Seller refused to combine shipping but shipped together! Am I being too picky?
  142. whatver happened to jjdenim?
  143. When to leave negative feedback?
  144. my first bad selling experience =[
  145. reputable site??
  146. do I find the right kind?
  147. O crap! Help
  148. Pair of jeans brought back from the brink of button-lessness...
  149. Does anyone know a reputable site to buy UGGS?
  150. Completely my fault...lost a pair of jeans I sold
  151. Buyer wants to pay in different currency
  152. Ebay buyer wants refund..WWYD?
  153. Ebay buyer says I sold her the wrong size...But I didn't!
  154. a remedial question from a failed AF seller...
  155. Buyer Reversed transaction! HELP!!
  156. Seller Charged Priority (I paid) and they Sent Parcel
  157. Bait and Switch
  158. dont know about this page, heres an example
  159. Paypal restricted my account! Help
  160. Quick question
  161. Paypal Screwup
  162. Ebay Seller not familiar with APO
  163. I think buying is not paying for auction/ignoring pms
  164. Outside of ebay buying
  165. Paypal Buyer Dispute - Item not Received.. ADVICE PLZ?
  166. Buyer says my LV is fake
  167. Would this be considered SNAD?
  168. Paypal Bank Transfer
  169. Help Needed Urgent! Just Sold Item On Ebay. Question about Invoice & Shipping.
  170. Paypal Verification?
  171. SSENSE down?
  172. Help with shipping box? TIA
  173. paying for something through paypal, non-ebay related
  174. posting ebay pics for authentication
  175. '5 Free eBay Listings' Question
  176. Buyer files cc chargeback after 80 days?! Please advise!
  177. Item not received *HOLY SH!T!! UPDATE*
  178. How many numbers does DC have?
  179. Help!!!Package not recieved in france. TIA
  180. Leaving negative feedback
  181. Help with automatic pay for seller fees.
  182. Is a legit site?
  183. Probably a very dumb question....
  184. Paypal Risk Alert?
  185. Noob AFer with Buyer's Remorse UPDATE AGAIN! Closed! PWNED
  186. ?? re fixed price vs auction style
  187. What kind of address is this?
  188. I cannot believe this...I'm SO upset at Ebay buyers.
  189. Okay those that sell on eBay...
  190. Need help with ebay buyer who says I didn't describe my item accurately...
  191. Just got this message from ebay - eBay Buyer Protection
  192. Should I make a dispute?
  193. Printing a USPS shipping label with colored ink?
  194. Where to get North Face Bomber jackets..
  195. Suggestion for the site?
  196. Sites that sell Affliction?
  197. Need Help Fixing BIG Screw-Up
  198. The question about German customs
  199. Paypal Dispute Help needed for Fake Diesel Jeans
  200. Authentic Online Store?
  201. Item not received
  202. Disappearing signature??
  203. Paypal limitation on my account??
  204. USPS Flat Rate Envelope Shipping From US --> Canada
  205. international buyer asking to ship 2 a diff addy
  206. Echeck???
  207. Canada Customs
  208. fed ex shipping q.
  209. Waiting for PayPal to Release Hold?
  210. Is it safe to use a debit card on PayPal?
  211. Flat Rate Box Question
  212. Trusted Wholesalers?
  213. What is the best/cheapest way to ship shoes?
  214. ebay help!
  215. What do you make of this ebay message?
  216. Paypal charges you?
  217. US Package Forwarding Services -
  218. Paypal Help!!
  219. How long does it take to ship from Canada?
  220. Looking for Designer Sneaker sites?
  221. Anyone try selling on Facebook?
  222. Official Ed Hardy store website
  223. i solved it!
  224. I'm not being unreasonable, right? (ebay purchase; item not as described)
  225. Ebay Item Money Order Help!!!
  226. What sniper do you use?
  227. Resolved...Nevermind :)
  228. Shipping small objects help.
  229. Buyer pulled the Bait n' Switch...
  230. Ebay question please help
  231. "Unclaimed" there a lag time for updates on PayPal?
  232. Paypal shipping help
  233. Buyer hasn't paid yet... What should I do?
  234. Prepaid Visa Card not working?
  235. Question about shipping
  236. Using flat rate box for mailing items @ non flat rate prices?
  237. How do I purchase a Global Express flat rate envelope shipping label from
  238. Can someone help me with an ebay seller?
  239. I been Scammed, Can i Do Something about it?
  240. Is this site authentic
  241. are these authentic
  242. are these authentic?
  243. Please authenticate these...
  244. Please authenticate...
  245. IS this Ed Hardy shirt Authentic?
  246. Christian Audigier shirt real or fakes please help
  247. Cheapest way to ship to canada with tracking?
  248. Package returned undeliverable.. r/o
  249. HELP with ebay seller!
  250. hautelook flash media?