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  1. Damn sniper failed!!!!
  2. Does this sound like a scam?
  3. My buyer is complaining about laundry soap odor, any ideas??
  4. Asking to remove neg feedback?
  5. Seller refuses to refund shippig costs
  6. eBay buyer trouble
  7. Updated W/ Addtl Q Ebay Measurement Issue
  8. What to do (eBay q)
  9. Partial refunds: When do you ask for them?
  10. Revolve Returns - Postage w/delivery confirmation question
  11. Tracking a package from France....
  12. Anti-Fraud actions
  13. eChecks
  14. Going to Customs to clear a package????
  15. Seller agreed to refund, but now MIA
  16. Seller refuse to send item and gave refund
  17. Buying off eBay?
  18. item is being held by customs?
  19. Am I being unreasonable? (shipping-related)
  20. Advice for NWT jeans that aren't NWT?
  21. Already paid for item, seller wants more $?
  22. Seller falsly valued item on custom forms
  23. Refund for return shipping cost of a fake
  24. German buyer refused my package.. Do I have to take it back and give her a refund?
  25. Is USPS Express International generally fast?
  26. UPS Lost package question.
  27. Customs form for online international printing
  28. Item Not Received - Now Received and Buyer rec'd PayPal refund as well -what now?
  29. Damaged jeans-how to handle?
  30. Real Burberry Trench? How Old?
  31. Seller states he did not receieve my returned item
  32. How to change an invoice with Buy it now?
  33. Received an eBay Neutral because USPS lost package to Russia
  34. Item says delivered but is in different city? *OMG!!*
  35. Photobucket pics not showing up for some
  36. HELP! Ebay sided with fake seller! >=O
  37. Follow-up on Shady buyer on eBay
  38. Can't select Express Flat Rate envelope??
  39. No tags on jeans?
  40. Stupid Buyer I Could Kill Her! Help Me!
  41. do you block dumb questioners?
  42. Seller Refunded Money w/o Explanation.. Am I SOL?
  43. If I received defective Item should I pay all shipping costs?
  44. My seller re-listed his item after I won it?!
  45. Anyone ever ship to Ukraine from the US?
  46. Wow...dumb buyer who does not understand tracking...
  47. flat rates to canada
  48. eBay advice needed...
  49. Shipping to the Netherlands
  50. WTF? Improve Shipping time DSR to avoid selling limits?
  51. Buyer lives in Can. but I explicitly stated "Ship only to continental US"
  52. Check your accts!!!!!
  53. GCO + Brazil = safe?
  54. Intl package refused, where does it go now?
  55. Ebay : Seller NARU but PP Dispute
  56. NWT turns out to be used/dirty. What to do?
  57. How should I respond to this?
  58. Shipping in a Priority Mail 12x12x8 box
  59. How to get your Final Value Fee back?
  60. Help with a package to Germany???
  61. Ordering from Revolve?
  62. Shipping to Russia- Buyer just paid the amount without shipping...WHAT?
  63. UPS Nightmare Help
  64. Ebay Photo Help!
  65. Need Sig Conf if RETURNING a $250+ Item?
  66. Photobucket TOS
  67. EBay Claim - Seller is no longer a registered user
  68. How did Ebay get my cell number?
  69. Feedback Help
  70. Bidder with Private Feedback of 4...should I be worried as a seller?
  71. Listed by error!
  72. Argh... seller keeps using my photo
  73. NEW Buyer Protection on EBAY???
  74. New changes to Ebay...
  75. Furious!
  76. Help with a UK order
  77. Scam!
  78. Fraudulent credit card transaction
  79. Would I be a cold and heartless person if I asked for a refund?
  80. incorrect confirmed address Q?
  81. Pics in ebay listing by IMG code not working?
  82. Ebay Help with my BIN/OBO listing...
  83. Rakuten
  84. Safest way to buy something once listed on Ebay but as off-Ebay transaction?
  85. Ebay ended my listing.
  86. Safest way to conduct a transaction outside of ebay...
  87. Printing Express Flat-Rate Envelope Labels on Paypal....
  88. Item not quite as described...Or am I being too picky?
  89. Pls help: Ebay return shipping address
  90. Item not received after 45 days!
  91. Not signed in and being able to access the online sales
  92. Guy with 0 feedback BIN'd my denim and is now insisting he didn't...
  93. Need help regarding shipping cost
  94. ebay help pls! - pkg sent but buyer wants a refund
  95. Paypal won't cover......
  96. Negative feedback question
  97. ebay item not as described...
  98. A paypal question
  99. Flat Rate Envelopes - I'm not even allowed to use those!
  100. Advice Needed For An Item I Sold on Ebay
  101. I smell smoke!
  102. Is this suspicious? How do I avoid chargebacks?
  103. Need ebay help!!!
  104. dahmenclothinginc ebay
  105. Is duct tape ok for sealing Flat Rate Envelopes?
  106. Zappos and Zappos Couture?
  107. Please HELP me find my package!
  108. What would you do?
  109. ebay store help *resolved*
  110. sanitystyle
  111. Item disappeared from the "Won" section?
  112. Replacing buttons?
  113. How to request refund on shipping charges?
  115. Ebay question about damaged package and missing item...
  116. What style of jeans do you think should make comeback this 2010?
  117. When sending Express mail international, do they require the item to be signed for?
  118. What would be a fair/appropriate partial amt?*UPDATE* Buyer accptd, now wants MORE!
  119. ssense and other online stores
  120. Tracking number-delivery confirmation?
  121. Another Ebay Question... What to do?
  122. won't ship my purchase or refund me. Help???
  123. Buyer wants to return jacket that does not fit...
  124. first class by United Postal Service
  125. Should I Refund My Buyer Now - Lost International Express Package
  126. HELP! FREAKIN OUT! My Russia package is in Korea!
  127. How to ship 2 packages for one Paypal transaction?
  128. PSA: Write address on Tyvek too, shredded Flat Rate enve. *Pics*
  129. Is this online shop safe?
  130. Where can I find heavy duty clothing racks?
  131. When shipping Express, do you HAVE to use the provided Express boxes or can you use>>
  132. Buying things in the AF Mall for the first time
  133. HELP. I got scammed!
  134. Why would an ebay seller say this?
  135. ebay purchase issue
  136. Changing Prices on Ebay Invoice
  137. ebay "item not as described" claim? Help!?
  138. how do i edit posts on af
  139. Good/cheap camera for taking photos to sell?
  140. eBay feedback help please!!
  141. Online shipping not working with Express Mail to Russia
  142. ebay help please!
  143. Another EMI package question
  144. Lost International Express Mail Question
  145. Ebay Payment Question
  146. Is my package lost from USPS?
  147. Item 'handed over to customs' ???
  148. Getting Shirts and things authenticated
  149. Canada Post Delivery
  150. paypal address question
  151. Shipping help
  152. ebay Help, Suggestions?
  153. Question about ebay fees when an item is returned
  154. Stay Away - Creative Recreation Online
  155. Where can I find a certain thread....
  156. *PLEASE HELP*
  157. Hautelook tax rate too high
  158. Paid via PayPal with Paypal account?
  159. Anyone order evisu on black friday?
  160. Burberry duffle bag broke for the 2nd time this month...
  161. So Effed By Fedex
  162. Return fakes or not? (After PP dispute)
  164. tracking international package
  165. Quick Postage Opinion Question
  166. ebay - cancel transaction - final value fee credit - how is it done?
  167. Help on lost priority international package
  168. Seller didn't disclose numerous flaws!
  169. Help needed with Ebay transaction...buyer payed outside ebay :(
  170. Mods: Proxy Thread? Wanted Thread?
  171. Nevermind, I figured it out :)
  172. A little advice please
  173. Anyone else think this looks like the seller bid up her items?
  174. Bought a fake canada goose jacket =/ what to do
  175. Shipping return items in flat-rate envelopes?
  176. How to use Ebay??
  177. g-star from china
  178. So confused... How to respond to this RUDE Ebay question??
  179. ebayer bought my item, but didn't pay for shipping
  180. Who is Macy's shipping provider?
  181. Greetings from Vancouver
  182. Macy's question
  183. Alterations...How much can jeans be altered? TIA
  184. Tracking an order on Revolve Clothing
  185. EMODA help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. Seller sent me empty package and now Paypal wants me to return the item? How?
  187. How much does it cost to repair a broken zipper on your jeans?
  188. Someone is using a picture of me on Ebay without permission
  189. Ebay shipping question
  190. Customer service at
  191. Ebay feedback question
  192. Help authenticating Stila makeup?
  193. Question from Ebay about cost of shipping an item, but they still made an offer?
  194. Left positive feedback but just discovered item is missing a piece...
  195. How do you describe the condition of jeans for resale?
  196. Sarah Peyton 10 inch Cool Sensations Memory Foam Mattress
  197. Forum Etiquette Question
  198. Shipping to US unconfirmed for Canadian
  199. shipping to Canada
  200. Polk Audio SurroundBar360 DVD Home Theater System (Black)
  201. I just noticed jeans I received was listed as 1lb for a 3lb package
  202. Am I still protected if I use e-check?
  203. How can I be sure that I get my money back?
  204. what to do? (received fake juicy)
  205. I have to wait 21 days?
  206. Premier Paypal account question
  207. Delayed payment penalty
  208. Zipper replacement cost?
  209. Payment "under review" from paypal
  210. Getting Duty Fees Back for Items Made in the US
  211. how do i combine shipping?
  212. Help w/shortening sleeves
  213. Photo backdrop advice
  214. Bought a sweater listed as NWT but is used
  215. Question about selling International via Ebay
  216. Second chance offer
  217. How to mark as "paid"
  218. ASOS customer service number?
  219. Paypal shipping label resized, tiny!
  220. How much is a reasonable handling charge?
  221. Selling jeans with trampled hems: To Hem or Not to Hem...that is the question...
  222. Tracking USPS international packages
  223. *Updated w/new question*Paypal no longer accepts claims/disputes regarding shipping
  224. Won item but seller hasn't been communicating...what to do?
  225. Paypal limitations
  226. how do i pay on ebay?
  227. Paypal Dispute for recieving a fake bag
  228. How to prevent people from stealing your photos on ebay...
  229. Seller says shipped, but there is still no tracking?
  230. Should I press for a total refund?
  231. Ebay returns policy
  232. Another Ebay/paypal claim thread
  233. How do you change paypal accounts for your ebay account?
  234. Paypal Fees
  235. lost cause? ebay advice needed
  236. Reinforcing jeans?
  237. Oh no! Mixed up shipping labels!
  238. Question about a new ebay seller and BINs
  239. Seller offers BIN and Offers, but turns down all offers.
  240. Fashion Footwear Ebay Seller Legit?
  241. Need someone to authenticate benefit cosmetics
  242. Shipping Questions
  243. eBay etiquette
  244. Need ebay claim advice/suggestions
  245. Damaged Jeans On Ebay
  246. where would i post an authenticicity check on...
  247. Advice for Shrinking the Inseam??
  248. Arranging shipping for items purchased overseas?
  249. Buyer has filed a claim and I don't know what to do.
  250. Need advice on buyer who wants to return 2 jeans...