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  1. i got duped.. no refund after transaction cancelled...
  2. Do I return? Open a case? Wait it out for seller to respond?
  3. Which is faster: Priority or First Class?
  4. Partially paying with Credit Card
  5. Can buyer pay with credit card? All I have set up is Paypal...
  6. Receiving package
  7. Shipping to Brazil
  8. Shipping while on vacation question
  9. Seller threatens Police report!
  10. Jeans with stains not mentioned...removable or ask for refund?
  11. paypal balance is incorrect...?
  12. Halp with Google Checkout/invoicing
  13. question about shipment to germany
  14. Item not Received Question
  15. Urgggg does this mean I won't get my money back?
  16. Ive made a mistake and marked item paid when it never was
  17. Buyer claims he didn't receive his cords I sent him but he's lying...
  18. item not recieved
  19. PayPal payment holds...
  20. Item not recv'd
  21. Question about ending an Ebay auction early
  22. Buyer wants refund on Ebay...
  23. Advice on whether you would file a dispute
  24. Quick question! Is this site authentic?
  25. Difficult buyer--How do I handle this?
  26. Payment amount is different from invoice?
  27. Letting Best Offers expire instead of accepting/declining
  28. Refund Question
  29. Canceling an ebay transaction
  30. item is fake, seller wants to cancel transaction
  31. Anyone heard of Luello??
  32. Website auth check
  33. Ebay, item was not what I expected.
  34. Package without content?
  35. Authentic Burberry Info
  36. contact info?
  37. A simple test thread
  38. Shipping internationally without signature confirmation?
  39. paypal sale
  40. Anyone else having probs with Photobucket?
  41. When I scroll over post from Steemielm-it is offensive.
  42. Can I say I had to file NPB (they paid last sec) in feedback
  43. How many days til npb dispute closes?
  44. argh paypal label won't generate
  45. Who would be at fault?
  46. Ebay's continued effort to screw the sellers
  47. Cheapest way to ship shirts, skirts etc?
  48. Refund Problems
  49. canada shipping question please!
  50. Is it being an ass or do I have the right?
  51. international shipping and adding a BIN Qs
  52. Buyer left me a negative feedback...
  53. Post office problem - how to escalate
  54. Seller + Excessive shipping
  55. Help recommend a pair/cut of jeans for me.
  56. Picture sizing help PLEASE
  57. Question about sold item
  58. PEEVED! Seller request cancel transaction on ebay! Help!
  59. Do I have to accept this return???
  60. Work-around e-stores that only take CCs with US address?
  61. Buyer with verified paypal but not comfirmed address
  62. I hate Ebay right now!!! help?
  63. is there a way a non-store ebay account
  64. Help! Getting my full refund for altered jeans...
  65. HELP! Buyer "didnt get jeans" but tracking # shows DELIVERED!
  66. Received damaged merchadise, site refuses to deal
  67. Question about Cancelling Auctiva account:
  68. Shipping to Canada Help
  69. Seller Non-Performance help please! Auction hasn't even ended yet =(
  70. Listing Clothing on Ebay
  71. Please advise!
  72. How long do you wait for a refund?
  73. Providing documents for Paypal dispute case
  74. Yet another missing package question
  75. currency exchange fees question
  76. Package "missent"? Damn USPS!
  77. no payment no contact but i have to wait to
  78. Would you pay for the buyer's return shipping?
  79. Buyer (eBay) is being a shit even before they receive item
  80. How to reattach original hems- professional way! (with pics)
  81. Selling question?
  82. Seller threatening to call the police?
  83. Ebay won't let me pay :(
  84. Shipping Multiple Jeans to Canada
  85. Shipping to Canada(from US): put as $100 gift?
  86. UGH jeans I bought were taken in
  87. Metropark
  88. USPS Delivery Confirmation Question
  89. HOW TO: Patch knee distressing w/ a sewing machine! *PICS*
  90. Help W/ Shipping - CANADIAN AFERS!
  91. I need some opinions- my buyer is trying to back out of the sale
  92. Tracking question
  93. would you neg seller?
  94. Shipping to a college box?
  95. New Changes to Canada Post Regular Parcel!
  96. Shipping to canada?
  97. Need Help!!
  98. Shipping a gift card?
  99. Bought a shirt listed as new... isn't new... ?
  100. UK to Canada shipping
  101. Received wrong item-do I file a claim?
  102. Need more advice, please! How long should I wait for a refund?
  103. what's going to happen with my shipping label?
  104. Any way to save drafts of mall threads?
  105. PayPal won't let me pay with CC
  106. Opening a second eBay Buyer protection case?
  107. Return- Seller has Invalid Address
  108. Ebay Question Regarding a Book
  109. Combined shipping on ebay when buyer paid for shipping twice?
  110. First time selling a pair of jeans to Canada.
  111. "Non-selling seller": has this ever happened to anyone?
  112. DJ Premium Customer Service
  113. Sewing Machine Advice
  114. Jeans turning yellow
  115. eBay - Item not as described. Opinions please!
  116. Is legit?
  117. Is my item lost/never even picked up??
  118. How long do you wait for a seller to ship?
  119. Ebay purchase may be fake
  120. Denim for curvy women
  121. Canada Post/Paypal online shipping labels
  122. Craigslist posts not expiring?
  123. What should I do? (difficult seller)
  124. Forum etiquette question!
  125. Canadian dollar conversion rate on Paypal always different than actual value?
  126. International Parcel Surface???!
  127. Receiving stuff from Canada Post
  128. How to make a return on Ebay?
  129. Shipping to Canada question
  130. CRAAAAZY BUYER! Should I call Paypal?
  131. Shipping to Germany?
  132. How to respond to this shady eBay seller?
  133. Shipping to Canada Question
  134. what feedback to leave?
  135. Question about shipping from Canada to US
  136. SNAD Question
  137. Delay in eBay Payment -- How long is too long?
  138. "Send to online auction" option?
  139. Ebay question from infrequent ebayer
  140. How to Report Spammers
  141. ebay dispute advice
  142. Revolve Return Issue
  143. Best shipping methods to use to send to Russia?
  144. Would you suspect shilling?
  145. Seller asked me what value to put on pair of jeans I won for customs purposes...
  146. How do I retract a second chance offer?
  147. return not received question
  148. Buyer wont leave feedback or respond to
  149. Tracking says "electronically submitted" for an item from 9 days ago..
  150. Dumb PayPal Question
  151. YOOX.COM
  152. Paying customs--from the buyer's POV this time!
  153. Item Not Received Question-AF Mall
  154. Shipping changed from USPS to UPS in transit?!
  155. Resale value?
  156. Removing pictures from own post
  157. Shipping to Belarus?
  158. International selling on ebay
  159. itrader question
  160. Reprint shipping label?
  161. AF mall ettiquette question??
  162. Help!
  163. Advice please
  164. Ebay question, about speakers not clothes
  165. How to add pics from ebay auctions by Imac.
  166. Requesting Partials
  167. Hemming by reattching originals
  168. How long to wait to hear from seller before filing dispute?
  169. hem jeans with zipper at ankle
  170. Almost got scammed?
  171. Non-eBay transaction
  172. How likely is it this is true?
  173. When there are only stock pics available in an auction...
  174. Weight of a tank top?
  175. International - attempted delivery/buyer opened dispute
  176. So mad - no response from Seller
  177. ebay selling question
  178. What are the chances Paypal will side in my favor on this dispute?
  179. Buying jeans online: newbie help
  180. Difficult Ebay Buyer! Help!
  181. ShopBop to Canada
  182. Opinion ? - BIN or Auction for Ebay listings?
  183. Item not received, but delivered?
  184. Link to Photos on Ebay
  185. Selling an expensive item on eBay
  186. RueLaLa is now doing refunds rather than merchandise credits
  187. Shipping to Russia
  188. Ebay Help- Resolved
  189. paypal refund help, please!
  190. Help with International shipping
  191. Ebay Seller
  192. is there a ssense sale coming up soon?
  193. Problem with Seller - helps!
  194. Seller doesn't want to sell item anymore?
  195. Flat rate envelope problems
  196. U.S customs confiscating purchase
  197. CanadaPost Tracking Mistake?
  198. How to tell a real polo shirt?
  199. Best way to shrink black jeans
  200. Shipping to the UK?
  201. How do I combine Mall Threads?
  202. Shipped to address provided but now buyer has given a different address??
  203. How to leave FB after 90 days?
  204. Gilt? free cufflinks
  205. How long to wait before filing a dispute?
  206. ID these jeans, please? Pic included
  207. Priority to Canada in Med Flat Rate Box question
  208. legit?
  209. shipping to Japan
  210. Tracking system from Canada to US HELP~~
  211. Scammed a scammer? (Did I do the right thing?)
  212. ID these jeans? (sorry if posted in the wrong forum)
  213. oversea shipping question TIA
  214. Tricky NPB...What would you do?
  215. Paypal taxes?
  216. Response to ebay buyer??? UPDATE
  217. Malware warning in the New Purchases thread
  218. Buyer says she paid, but item shows as unpaid and money is not in my PP acct
  219. Seller said Free Shipping but now...
  220. Received fake jeans - advice please
  221. How to best ship a long bridesmaid dress?
  222. Buyer Claiming that she didn't bid on the item?? but somehow won?
  223. Address question about returning an item
  224. UPS - Never From US to Canada
  225. Shipping from Canada to USA and within Canada
  226. eBay/Paypal dispute help please :(
  227. ebay question
  228. Buyer did a cc charge back?
  229. PayPal iPhone App Question/Info
  230. Adding extra postage to online labels?
  231. Pay to different paypal than in auction
  232. Seller Counteroffer Error
  233. This sounds super sketch...
  234. Buyer wants to ship to address other than the one listed on PayPal
  235. tracking number issue
  236. Shipping to the UK from Canada...
  237. Canada Post - "Item Successfully Delivered"
  238. Help Regarding Ebay Seller issue.
  239. Quick question on non-electronic tracking
  240. HELP! shipped jeans to wrong buyer!
  241. International shipping help
  242. item not received from ebay
  243. buyer trying to dupe best friends on ebay!!
  244. Canadian Custom Fees
  245. Buyer having issues paying????
  246. Paypal Shipping
  247. Rec'd OLD it worth a dispute?
  248. Damn sniper failed!!!!
  249. Does this sound like a scam?
  250. My buyer is complaining about laundry soap odor, any ideas??