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  1. Help Authenticate a Roberto Cavalli Dress!!
  2. Canadian shipping questions -pet peeve
  3. Bought fake UGGs via GROUPON Australia, how is it possible? NEW INFO ADDED
  4. Authetic verification help needed please!!!
  5. Cash-on-delivery on marketplace item?
  6. Trench coat burberry - Is this real?
  7. ? about Ebay return...
  8. Help with seller sending the wrong item.
  9. if an item gets sent back am I at fault?
  10. Shipping To Turkey
  11. Need help. Buyer claims that they received package without contents.
  12. does handling time include weekend/holiday?
  13. How to refund a buyer return shipping
  14. Flat rate Express international shipping is $40?
  15. I knew this crazy lady would have a problem
  16. Do you report shill bidding
  17. Silly Ebay question
  18. Problem buyer
  19. Shipping to Canada
  20. Item Damaged By USPS, what to do?
  21. Sold item on ebay and payment was sent to the wrong email
  22. shipping options?
  23. Do some denim sizes sell better than others?
  24. What would you do?
  25. opinions please
  26. HELP!! Buyer files charge back w/paypal 6 wks later??
  27. RANT-Paypal sucks, charging me for calling their toll free number
  28. combine shipping invoice
  29. photosharing site rec for listing items?
  30. Can't list items on eBay ?
  31. Canadian Customs Question about importing jeans made from the USA
  32. closing a nonpaying buyer case
  33. Help with buyer on an off ebay transaction
  34. USPS Charging More For Size of Box? True?
  35. Advice needed on misrepresented jeans-Won case..thoughts on feedback?
  36. Paypal Problem...
  37. Paypal Confirmed Address Question
  38. how to wash these? cause they stink!
  39. International buyer never received item; am I SOL?
  40. Best and Safest Way to Ship to Netherlands with Canada Post
  41. Kicksbay? Is it legit?
  42. Can you charge sales tax on ebay items without telling the buyer first?
  43. Paypal/ebay link for printing shipping labels
  44. [UPDATED]What are your experiences with international PP disputes? (as a seller)
  45. Ebay Protection Policy
  46. How to get back seller's fee on a retuned item?
  47. Ebay invoice help
  48. I don't want to be a "difficult buyer", what is my best option for SNAD? *update
  49. Question about paypal shipping label
  50. New seller isn't accepting my payment...
  51. Crazy Buyer ...
  52. Free trial for Ebay stores?
  53. paypal refund fee?
  54. legit site??
  55. Ebay buyer refuses to close case; funds still being withheld
  56. Authentic Burberry Coat Or Not???
  57. Question - Purchased a fake item
  58. South Korea shipping?
  59. Anyone know a good guide\tutorial for hand sewing? (beginner)
  60. New policy paypal asking for Tax i.d for reporting to IRS
  61. Blocked Bidder Using Alternate Account
  62. Shipping Advise Needed! (To Poland)
  63. wth paypal?
  64. ? about cancelling a bid and revising
  65. Paypal Payment
  66. Who's in the wrong here?
  67. international shipping question
  68. Seller really doesn't want to refund money
  69. One of those crazy eBay seller make believe stories- OH! and it's a member!
  70. Ebay question
  71. Can't find a pair of Jeans that I want! Help!!!
  72. Dropped of flat rate envelope 3 days ago still says "Electronic Shipping Info"
  73. Does a second chance offer show up in a completed listing search?
  74. Crotch blow-out "Pre"-patched??
  75. Hautelook Return Policy Updates
  76. Shipping laptop to Nigeria
  77. VERY NICE! Ebay PLUS (Ebay points) will be stopped on
  78. Help!!! Authenticate Lacoste!
  79. Tips for Seller Protection on Ebay?
  80. block her!
  81. what the hell!?! can't contact seller?!
  82. Paypal being even more sneaky with their exchange rates...
  83. Canada Post Strike is over!!! =)
  84. shipping question
  85. Macy's now shipping internationally!
  86. Shipping Inquiry to APO/FPO. TIA
  87. Authenticate this Canada Goose
  88. help dealing with seller
  89. International buyer won my domestic auction
  90. Cannot leave a negative feedback to a non-paying bidder!
  91. Changed Paypal email but buyer's payment was sent to the old one
  92. Am I being annoying if I request a return?
  93. Ebay Selling Help Needed. TIA
  94. Never seen this before - what would you do?
  95. Auto list ebay item
  96. What would be the best way to go about this?
  97. Help with a Paypal dispute please
  98. Juicy Couture handbags. Click if you know your Juicy bags!!!!!
  99. No ISSUE REFUND button in Paypal
  100. ebay selling tools
  101. Seller refusing to sell on ebay
  102. best way to handle a reserve auction?
  103. UK Proxy Services?
  104. Selling Section on My EBay Page
  105. Mixed feelings about selling Denim on Ebay
  106. Safest Method of Receiving Payment
  107. Stuck with bogus TRs Etc
  108. Buyer Beware!!
  109. Question about combined shipping
  110. Question about buying new tires
  111. Delivery Confirmation is confused
  112. Help with canada shipping
  113. Vent: Damn You PayPal
  114. Buyer had wrong addy on paypal...
  115. Ebay discounting question...
  116. Mad about feedback
  117. What are these things on my face? (pic)
  118. Help with eBay seller & returned item please...
  119. real or not?
  120. Item Not as Described, what to do?
  121. INR/Insurance question.
  122. Pain in the a** buyer ... please help
  123. Ebay Bucks for Canadians!! yay!!
  124. USPS mail with tracking not paid for
  125. Amazon Returns
  126. changing pp shipping address
  127. Item Not Received/ Paypal Claim Procedure - Advise Please. TIA
  128. Shipping to Singapore
  129. Another pp/shipping? No last name given.
  130. Discrepancy in amount charged
  131. Seller not responding to my messages & time for filing case expired
  132. USPS not delivering my package!
  133. Authentic Seller Site?
  134. New Photobucket issues?
  135. Can not print shipping label though PP, help?
  136. Import Fees Deposit
  137. Paypal won't give me my freaking label?!
  138. International buyer don't pick up due to import taxes!
  139. Blocked Bidder List candidate!
  140. Paypal says I need a business account?
  141. Proxy to Canada?
  142. Ebay power seller
  143. Ebay question
  144. Paypal random verify
  145. Broken zipper question
  146. Another Item Not Received Question
  147. How to respond to ebay buyer?
  148. PP addy problems
  149. ebay item and paypal
  150. packages stolen from doorstep help
  151. How long is too long to wait for a pair of jeans?
  152. question, shipping to apo address
  153. Canada Post - Is this slow?
  154. hemming costs
  155. custom charges?
  156. Altering bootcut to straight leg
  157. Broken jean button?
  158. USPS Shipping Info Delays?
  159. how remove musty smell jeans
  160. Shady seller?
  161. No more overseas airmail packages over one pound allowed to enter the US!
  162. INR case?
  163. Website won't reply for exchange
  164. Is there an eBay rule with listing an auction while already listed as a fixed price?
  165. Seller Shipped with Wrong Service Level?
  166. Reinforce distressing on jeans
  167. Washing and Hemming jeans...
  168. Sending paypal payment as "personal pmt"
  169. Paypal Shipping "You have entered invalid dimensions..."
  170. Getting Started on EBay
  171. Buyers who don't leave feeback at all
  172. Ships to...
  173. relisting...
  174. EBAY CHANGES coming this Spring! Free Listings and Lower Fees!
  175. Potential Nightmare Buyer Rant...
  176. Is it weird that EBay made this decision?
  177. USPS has no record of my shipment?
  178. Question about my response to seller
  179. sales tax on ebay
  180. Received the wrong size from, mismatching tags
  181. How do I determine what is an Ebay "Best Offer"?
  182. thoughts on feedback...
  183. Is there a "Crazed List" of eBay?
  184. Help on how to get Strange Smell off NEW jeans!!
  185. Seller closes auction after I have paid ??
  186. Moronic Seller/Misspelled Paypal Address
  187. ebay sucks, paypal sucks, what to do...
  188. How to change buyer's address & is it safe to do so?
  189. New! Taping label on! printing shipping. d/c cost?
  190. shipping to germany from canada
  191. interested in buying.
  192. What is a good website to have Chanel bags authenticated?
  193. Buyer has already placed bid but wants to cancel b/c of shipping
  194. Trying to print an international label from PP on a Mac
  195. Multiple PP accts.
  196. buyer wants me to end auction early...any risks?
  197. Ebay: Is this allowed?
  198. Another ebay non performing seller question
  199. Shipping via First-Class Mail Internationl Question
  200. Modnique taxing technique
  201. Seller says they paid today but I did not receive payment?
  202. seller wants to do "outside-of-ebay" deal?
  203. ummm bought an item , seller says the house got robbed...
  204. Can't use a certain CC to pay for an eBay item....
  205. Anyone else get a PROOF OF CLAIM letter regarding MyShape?
  206. Safest International Shipping Method :/
  207. Ebayers with 2 accounts
  208. Dussault check plz !!!
  209. Haven't rec'd jeans from a member yet....
  210. Taking in a hem. :)
  211. Anyone else noticed an increase in NPBs over the past year?
  212. OMG! How to do combined shipping for 8 pairs of shoes?!
  213. help finding wash names of jeans
  214. "Against USPS policy" to create an inquiry into an insured package?
  215. opened dispute for npb and no response
  216. Buying something that only ships to the UK?
  217. Ebay charges fees now for revising listings?
  218. Need opinions..bought item and funds showing unclaimed..
  219. Accidentally sent buyer wrong item- Questions!
  220. PayPal combined shipping
  221. Weird buyer request. Can I do this?
  222. Buyer gave me different address, Ebay says it's safe to ship
  223. Question about timing and withdrawing your paypal balance and funds avail...
  224. Printing flat rate padded postage with Paypal?
  225. Scared to wear my jeans-How to reinforce/patch thinning?
  226. ImageShack Virus??
  227. resolved =)
  228. How to combine shipping costs for ebay buyer?
  229. How do I find my items if they arrived, but stupid Grandmother didn't take them?
  230. How to make a purchase in AF Mall
  231. Need advise with buyer!
  232. Ebay listing after 90 days ?
  233. Paypal payments selected for review?? My mom needs help haha
  234. Proof of Origin
  235. Anyone notice PayPal emails delayed
  236. Bought jeans from ebay, seller refuses to sell me them for the price I won
  237. Question about jeans I bought on Ebay
  238. Item sent from R&R store was marked at a higher value than what I paid=More duties
  239. What has happened to Ebay?
  240. Am I blind? Can I not leave feedback for this item???
  241. customs problems-hazardous... help please
  242. ebay seller?
  243. Potential eBay Buyer Problem =(
  244. Ordering shipping supplies from USPS
  245. Buyer (me) did not receive package.. what to do?
  246. Help with a buyer in Germany? Calling AFers who speak German.
  247. 100 free listings, Jan 25 - Feb 8
  248. Question...
  249. paypal dispute denied!
  250. Sent ebay item to wrong street number