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Old 01-10-2009, 12:02 PM
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You NEED to read this book! So inspiring....

Immaculee Ilbigiza "Left to Tell"
PS: she has another book (Immaculee), but it's more about how she connects w/ God, Im not sure what it's called, but they're similar in title so make sure it's called "left to tell"

It's about the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. It's about the Tutsis and Hutus, how the Hutus wanted to exterminate the Tutsis. Immaculee (a tutsi) went out into hiding in a Pastor's house (who was Hutu) with 6 other women crammed into the small bathroom for 3 months. It's about her survival through the genocide, and what kinds of events were happening around her during the 3 month duration.
I'm really not a religious person, but it's basically about how God 'spared' her life... it is SUCH a good book, really opens your eyes because it is a personal account of the genocide.

Very inspirational, sad, gruesome, and loving. I'm not the most avid reader, but this book is over 200 pages, and I finished it in a day.
Seriouslly such a good inspirational/amazing book!! I guarantee it!
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Old 01-13-2009, 12:52 PM
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I read the book and enjoyed it very much!!
The measure of life, after all, is not its duration but its donation. - Corrie Ten Boom
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Old 01-14-2009, 01:14 AM
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Another amazing Rwandan Genocide book: Shakes Hands with the Devil by Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire
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Old 01-14-2009, 12:17 PM
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Ohh! I really like Romeo Dallaire!
I will def. look into it, thanks!
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Old 02-18-2009, 03:52 PM
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ok i just bought the book and it is indeed very inspiring i really enjoyed reading it a lot..
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Old 03-29-2009, 06:41 AM
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I read this 2 or 3 years back...those of you who enjoyed this might want to consider "What is The What" by Dave Eggars. You'll find it in the novel section, but it is actually basically a biography of a man growing up in Sudan and his experiences there and in the refugee camps. Very eye-opening.

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