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Originally Posted by lawgal2002
You MUST find a tailor who can do the special hem to save the original hem or can reattach. Here is a site where they show you how to hem with saving the original hem:

Thanks to the above site for sharing a very simple hemming technique!
^^^^ that technique is a VERY simple technique, also the way it is illustrated on that website is not bad... but it's not complete... if you took it to a tailor... there would be another line of stitching all the way around the outside after you ironed them... because the ironing won't keep it from turning inside out (the part you folded in might turn downward while your hem turns up, while you're walking or something, so they put another stitch which I won't explain right now... to keep it from doing that)

ALSO, that's not the best choice in hemming techniques... the only benefit is that if after a while you wan't to let the hem out and restore the length... then you can... because you haven't made any cuts. HOWEVER, that hem does not normally work for flared or bootcut jeans, usually only works for straight legs... and as for twisted inseams... won't work at alll!!

the way it can be done is to cut off the original hem, cut out the excess length of material, and replace the hem (sew it back on) once the desired leg length has been cut. if your tailor is good... he/she shouldn't have a problem with the twisted inseam... it's a tiny bit more work compared to regular jeans (when using this technique) but still doable. but yes, finding the fat white thread will be a challenge... it's not readily available even at sewing stores I don't think... so check with your tailor that he has some before you let him go at the jeans.


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