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I think a lot depends on your build, shape: apple, pear, square etc., proportions.. I am 5'11 too, and haven't been wearing heels for ages since my teens because of a job (in my early twenties I worked in cafes/bars: cappuccino... JD&Coke... ), after that I worked in the office and felt like I was over-towering everyone, as everybody happened to be very short, then I fell pregnant, after the baby was born I was running with the buggy everywhere.. what heels? But now I am back again I think so, partially..

I also love accessories but not often get it right either. Anyway, I love mostly scarves, bracelets, necklaces (but it is tricky ), I even bought a few pairs of earrings, but have no idea where I will wear them (maybe someone's birthday? as I think they make me look older? or too mumsy? or lady-like? It is not what I am after )I have also bought a few belts recently (most of them on sale) to experiment.. and if it will go well I am planning to invest in more expensive pieces..

As for rings? yeah..they are not for everyone.. I don't have man's hands but my fingers are not as long and pretty as Stacy's (morbid_gray ) for example, and most of the times I find wearing rings uncomfortable. I have finally grown some nails so could try different nail polish, as I have worn pastel (French) colours all my life.

Great way to go is to determine what your body shape is (I am sure you know it all though ), and then try out loads of stuff and combos in the fitting rooms of any brands (the cheaper ones have loads of choice, everything) and once you know what you are looking for - get more expensive stuff or combine both. All these blogs, magazines etc.. I don't have much time for them.. I prefer try out things in shops and see what suit my body shape.
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