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Originally Posted by Kirie View Post
How many treatments do you need to freeze off sunspots? I've gotten very good results from retinoids and sunscreen but it's not very fast and I'm impatient.
Sometimes one session can get rid of them and sometimes you need more. Depends on the person and how much pigment there is. Kirie I had some great results with mine. I had this really big freckle by my nose that I have hated for years and it got rid of it on the first session. I wear SS everyday to keep it from coming back.
Originally Posted by Jen5180 View Post
I can honestly say that I wish I had known 2 days ago what my face would look like today and I would not have done spots look waaaaay worse/darker...but im mostly upset that he didnt warn me I guess. I just hope they dont stay this way.
What you described is perfectly normal. The first two days after the treatment are the worst and then it starts to get better. The spots will get darker at first. This means they are working perfectly but please dont go out in the sun and make sure you are wearing the proper sunscreen. I suggest a good one with at least a 40-50 SPF for 10 days.
FriskyL- Makeup wont contaminate/possibly infect the area somehow? That would be great if I could at least attempt to cover it up..because right now i am super self conscious about it.
Makeup will not hurt them at all. Just make sure you are very gentle when removing the makeup.


ETA: So I just called his office just to make sure what i am experiencing was normal and they said it was (although would have been nice info to have prior to doing it but anyway...) the nurse said it can take up to 10 days for a scab to form and then fall off and hopefully then the spots will be gone or at least lighter.
They will scab up faster than that I am sure if you dont keep them too moist. They should have told you exactly what the treatment and post care would be like before they did the treatment on you.
Originally Posted by jenn View Post
As Kirie said, with high PPD sunscreen and a retinoid you can get rid of them too, while preventing aging too. It took about four months for me.
If you don't wear high PPD sunscreen everyday, rain or shine, anyway, it makes no sense to invest in any kind of procedure, as they will come right back.
Yes what Jenn said is right. You dont know how mad it makes me when i burn spots off of someone and then they ask me how long do they have to wait to get back in the tanning bed.
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